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Can I stop direct deposit to my Bank of America Account overdrawn?

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I need help asap.

I was not aware of Bank of America's system. I made a few debit card purchases one day as well as a cash withdrawl over the weekend. Monday I am preparing to go put cash into my bank account because I wrote a large check and wanted to make sure I compensated knowing I was going to probably overdraft. Well Bank of America dropped the large check into my account before all of the debits as well as the withdraw, so I got 7 overdraft charges. Pretty ridiculous. I have direct deposit, and I want to STOP the payment to that account until I have this rectified. I've talked to a Bank of America branch person as well as Bank of America on the phone and they were not willing to do anything for me. If this check is deposited into my account it is going to eat up a lot of my check and I dont want them to just take my money because they will not want to work with me at all since they get paid.

The branch manager claims he put a hold on my account at my request, but I really feel like he only stopped my debit card. I dont want any payments going in or out. I've tried to do a bit of research on here but havent found the exact problem I'm experiencing. This is urgent because my check is going to clear into my account asap.

and ive already contacted my company's HR and they claim its too late, but I feel like they are just too lazy there because we have like 15000 employees and dont want to be bothered with just one.

any advice?

It can take a few days to put a stop pay on a payroll is not something that can be done overnight. With larger companies, they use outside payroll companies that require 10-14 days notice.

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When is your check due to be deposited. Unfortunatelly it may be too late for them to reroute the deposit or cut a paper check.

As for BofA they are RIDICULOUS to work with. I would go into the bank and try and get all the overdraft/NSF fees reversed due to the mix up. They have the capability of doing that right on the spot, I think they review your overdraft history. This way you can just pay the debit charges versus the $35 overdraft/NSF fees :?

BofA sometimes clears paper checks first and ACH withdrawls last even if they were pending. I fought them many times in the past with my old account.

I am not sure if they can hold a deposit on your account. The best you could do is try to close it, but a deposit within a certain time frame could repon the account. That depends if the bank had a "reopen" policy. Definately go in and get those overdraft fees reversed.

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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yea I already went in and called bank of america. they are NOT reversing the overdrafts. i just wonder can i put a hold on my account.

what would they do if someone stole your identity and you realized it and you told them you didnt want your paycheck issued in fear of your money being automatically stolen...?

there HAS to be a way in which the bank could freeze money both into and out of the account

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They are not going to stop money going in.....especially when you are in overdraft.

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what if someone got a hold of my card and swiped away and made my account overdraft? how is this different (other than obviously this didnt happen) but do they not have the ability to do such?

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I also recieve direct deposit from SSI( I recieve a disability check) but I'd like to stop direct deposit on my check before Sept 1 and I have an overdraft charge to pay not only will they be taking out 35.00 but the person @ the bank is speaking of taking another overdraft fee of 35.00 if I've not paid the overdraft(which is only 5.00) in 10 days making it 70.00 just because of 5.00. My question is....Is there time to stop direct deposit before Sept 1 if I call today and can the bank charge me 2 overdraft fees?

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Also the problem is BOA pays everything largest to smallest. They do this on purpose so they can hit you with OD fees. That`s why I moved my money to a credit union.

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I have several bank accounts at regular banks and credit unions. I checked my BOA account and I just got hit for $70 in OD fees for a $5.98 7-Eleven purchase. I was pissed!! I did dispute the hell out of it being my overdraft protection did not kick in. I was refunded but they are very slick in the way they pay your debit withdrawls :evil:

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 08/21/2009 - 23:50

Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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there is really nothing that the bank can do to help you. They will allow the deposit regardless of any hold because your account is negative. The only way to stop a direct deposit is to have your HR dept do it. If they claim it is too late, it probably is. Make sure you stop it for the next time now before it is too late again

Sub: #9 posted on Sun, 08/23/2009 - 10:39

Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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As of June, 2009 BoA began a new policy where they charge overdrawn accounts in the amount of $35.00 EVERY 4 days. Once Social Security submits your money directly into your ccount, they can't reverse it. It usually takes a week to go through. What strikes me odd, is that even though SS can't reverse the payment, BoA can STILL charge every 4 days while it's pending. That should absolutely be against the law.

Sub: #10 posted on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 21:29


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