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I live in California, but since I am desperate for an account, and I can't get one locally due to boa reporting me for fraud for somthing that was State Farm's fault (long story) suntrust opened an account for me about a month ago online, 2 weeks later it was gone from online banking, so I opened another one, and it's still showing online. I am leary about putting money in there(the savings acct has also disappered, leaving just the checking info. Does that mean they have closed the others and will close this one, too? They sent me checks and a checkcard, and I called and the checkcard works. Should I worry? thanks for the help!

Hmm, good question. Does suntrust have a number that you can call and talk to someone to ask about the disappearing accounts? I recently changed bank accounts to a smaller, local bank, and it took a couple of weeks and several phone calls, and some internal "rearranging" on the part of the branch manager to get all three (personal and business) of our accounts to show together in online banking. So it could just be that somehow their system doesn't have all of your accounts linked together.

Maybe someone else will have some further advice or different thoughts!

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If you want to try to find a local bank instead, check out this link where MCA directs you to her list of banks that don't use chexsystems: html

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