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Asset Acceptance Complaints - Know more about them

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Does anyone know if asset acceptance llc has the right to pursue collections from someone who lives outside the U.S?? I'm Canadian and I've received a credit letter from this company regarding money I supposedly owe for a gym membership I had in 1998 with Bally Total Fitness in Canada. Unless I've suffered from a case of amnesia for the past 7 years, I never signed a contract. The truth of the matter is, I did use the gym facilities, but paid cash on a month-to-month basis - NO contract was ever signed!!! I contacted both the collection agency and Bally's and neither have been able to produce this alleged gym contract from 1998.

I'm completely frustrated over this entire situation...can Asset Acceptance, a US based company, really ruin my credit in Canada???


My problem is assets acceptance has search the telephone book for names and thinks they have a match from initials--NOT. I have asked them not to call since we are not the folk but thru change telephone numbers and start over again. We do not owe anyone.:)

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good advice guest.assett has never gotten anything on the up and square.never have,and never will.follow the advice above,but go to and find a consumer contigency lawyer in your area to go after assett as this is one nasty place that does need to be sued/countersued.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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If you were never served then you go to the courthouse that issued the judgement and ask for the form to file a motion for improper service to have the judgement overturned! Thats what you have to do. Then if they try and refile then your defense is the account was out of SOL. But go to the courthouse to have it overturned, especially if you can prove they fraudently filed the case with improper service to a company you never worked for. It could get them in a boatload of trouble.

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JusT received a letter saying they had filled a judgement against me for SBC (a phone Company bought out by ATT) Tried to find information from ATT who had nothing as this bill must have been from 99 2000.
When calling the company they told me I can optain a copy of everything through the court, and wont send me anything.
Called the court.they said the original bill is for $800+ dollars the bill I was sent says $1500+
Also said I was served @ a company I didn't even work for @ the time of being served, never got it!

So I never had my day in court, never knew about court, Never got served, Never was told about this debt. No one can/ will give me information on this debt/ or judgement,
They told me they "BOUGHT" the debt. Are not just collecting on it.
But I want proof of that!

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Send them another letter telling them that while they are in compliance with reporting the debt as disputed, they are not in compliance with validation as they have not sent you anything remotely like validation and it is unlawful for them to continue collections until they do provide proper validation.

Actually, you should check your reports, I am betting they are reporting it wrongly, dispute or no.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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does anyone know what it means when this happens..I sent debt validation letters to Asset Acceptance about two questionable debts they claimed i owed. For instance they said i had a Bally's account in 05-07..i asked for the contract..several weeks later the person i talked to said they received the contract and would be sending it to me..what i received was a letter saying that after reviewing my credit report and their records and the original creditor and the imformation i gave them they are reporting the account as that a good thing? my credit report said i had a Bally's account in 01, which i did but i ended it while it was still in its trial stages and received my money back less any weight loss products i used..the other account with sams club they sent their sorry excuse of a debt validation letter that doesn' verify anything or prove anything, but also the same thing saying that the account has been reported as disputed to the credit bureaus..

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Rayne falls Rayne falls

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am current employee and you are right....

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fight the bally charges....if enough people did that, they would not hold up...and remember to negotiate...discounts up to 70 percnent are common

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get a copy of your bally contract.. on the back is the cancellation clause...get your doctor to verify your condition and fight the are not alone...there are many just like your one knows the bally rules but bally

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