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What should I do if Pressler and Pressler sues me?

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I was sued by Pressler and Pressler with a company called New Century Financial. The first I heard from these people was January when I received a summons. There was no clarification as to what this debt was and I simply responded to the courts stating I have no idea of this debt and that these people needed to provide more proof. I sent the filing fee to have this filed with the court file and a copy of the verification letter I was sending to Pressler and Pressler. Pressler and Pressler replied stating my validation perdiod was passed becuase they contacted me last year. They said they sent a letter. I never received a letter. They also said none of the requested material was in the possession. They did send a photo copy of a bill of sale that looked like my daughter typed it and signed it, stating they had bought another collection agencies accounts. It didnt' list my account specifically. I have still never heard who the original creditor was, they wont answer my questions. They then send me interrogatories and say I must answer them, I responded saying I have no proof I owe you anything I refuse to send you this information, its very personal information. They then filed with the court a statement saying they request that this be ruled on without a court date stating they have enough proof and I didn't deny the debt I only asked for information regarding it. I need help, what should I do. Oh and by the way, neither them nor I have heard back from teh courts as to a court date or a response to my letter, nothing. Please help, Im very confused!

1) file a statement in your answer to the court discussing what you have just said, 2) find if you can an attorney to help you. My guess is that they want to avoid a court date because they cannot prove the debt.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 03/07/2006 - 21:28

jj jj
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A lot of these collectors are banking on idea that you may be a complete idiot, and will back down and just pay it...

Don't give up on it..Don't pay anything you don't recognize. Make them prove it...If they can't, then that's THEIR problem.

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 03/07/2006 - 22:47

Jessi Jessi

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They did send a photo copy of a bill of sale that looked like my daughter typed it and signed it

Can't you locate the original creditor from the copy of the bill they sent you?

I agree with JJ. You should consult a lawyer. Your lawyer will be bale to figure out who the original creditor is. Keep us posted.

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 03/08/2006 - 00:10

stanley stanley

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New Century Financial buys a lot of junk debt. P & P is one of the worst NJ Collection atty in the world. P & P seized my checking account last month. New Century bought my citibank visa, husbands bankfirst visa. Be very wary of P & P they are ruthless. Also, P & P had a garnishment order pending from the judge. Still seized my assets.

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 04/21/2006 - 02:22

jmid1969 jmid1969

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I tried to vacate the default judgment in NJ pro se and the court denied my motion it was like they don't want me to take it to court, they are afraid for some reason, but I am going to try and get a lawyer and push till these bullies better known as Pressler and Pressler back down. I also didn't hear anything from the courts and then the court just denied my motion just like that. Pressler and Pressler also said they don't have to validate this alleged debt because it was after 30 days. But Pressler and Pressler is on my Credit Report so I thought that they would have to validate a debt that they report to the Credit Agencies.

Pressler and Pressler should work for a living and stop harrassing innocent people like me and you.

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I am going through a case now with these lowlifes; which can be read on under cowardice collectors. I just can not believe they get away with this stuff.

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They sued me and got a garnishment out of it. I would stand your ground but stay up with them.

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 02:04

Breakthecycle2 Breakthecycle2

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Hopefully Jessi doesn't take offense to this but Jessi, you are smoking hot!

Have a good day!

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:lol: I do so agree!

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 02:55

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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"I write to apologize that I can not accept any form of legal employment regarding your insured firm. As you were previously aware, any and all discussions to date are covered under the blanket retainer assignment agreement and does not constitute advice regarding your insured. Please be advised that there are certain deadlines that have to be me already, I refer you to******..."

My letter to big client regarding these clowns. To date, I haven't lost any assignments from them, they completely understood

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 06:28


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