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Creditor making threats while I am paying them regularly

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The supplier of medical equipment sent me bills that showed the amount paid by Blue Shield and the amount I owe. After about 6 months of my making calls, faxing, e-mails and postal mail, they finally provided me with a bill that showed how much I paid in the past year. My Audit with Blue Shield and my records did not match the records of the Medical Supplier in regards to my total due.
I stopped buying from them and offered a settlement which they would not accept. It was about $85 less than they said I owed.
So I agreed to send monthly payments. After 2 months they came back to harass me with a threatening letter that either I pay up in 10 days (an amount that is $200 more than my original offer) or they will send it to collections. They say I owe $590.
My story of the events does not match their story. The HMO group referred me to Blue Shield 2 times. They were very helpful, but this is in regards to final amounts due. That is between me and the provider.
Can they turn me over to Collections when I am making minimal payments of $15? I was willing and able to borrow the amount I offered back in Oct. 2005, but they would not accept it.
Thanks for your advice.

Although the creditors have their own reasons to decide whether they want to send your accounts to collections or not, but in most of the cases, they don't send it unless there had been no activity in the account for a period of 60 days or more. Since you have been making the payments regularly, your concern should be to know why they want to recover the money all of a sudden when you had been paying them. Call them and know the reason behind sudden change of their approach.

Besides collections, creditors can also threaten with a lawsuit to get instant payment from you. These are the situations mentioned below when people might find themselves at risk.

Creditors take many things into consideration before they decide to sue anyone. They will review first how far have you been in your payments? If you have fallen behind for a couple of months and there is a hope of getting the money back, they may not take any legal actions. If you loan has a co-signor they will contact him to recover the money.

They will try to do a wage garnishment by contacting your place of work. They will also review if you are residing in a place for a long period of time. If you have been changing places regularly, there is a chance of legal actions.

If you are disabled or are above the age of 40, they will think if they can get money from you in any other way. If there is no scope of getting the money, they may take the actions.

Try to focus on the other avenues by which you can do some repair to your present situation. Make the minimum payments to all your debt accounts. If you can get a second job, it will be helpful for you at the present times. Let your creditors understand that you are willing to pay the debt, but if they can give you some time, you will pay off the complete amount.

If there is no chance of getting the money from you, then only they might think to sue you in civil court for nonpayment. They can also report this non payment of your debt to the credit bureaus and this derogatory remark will stay in your file for a period of seven years tarnishing your credit.

So, your urgent pick should be call the person and resolve the matter.

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john john

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All of that makes logical sense. That's why I've been trying to get the billing straight all this time. I want to resolve this so that I can get out of this upsetting, aggervating mess.
I dispute the total due, but meanwhile recognize that I owe most of the total, so I tried to negotiate--they said no. I said I'd borrow the negotiated amount to end this--they said no. My only alternative is to pay $15/month and more when possible. For 2 months they accepted payment. Month 3, they sent the threatening letter. I faxed that I was upset, they said I owe the full am't in their letter, in 10 days-or collections will be after me. I still sent month 3 minimum payment. It's now day 8.
I'm 65yrs old, with only a few medical problems. I don't foresee a 2nd job in my future. One full time job is all I can manage in order to pay routine living expenses.
This is my only outstanding debt, other than regular monthly living expenses.
This has upset me so much, that I don't know what to do.

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Marcia, think positive and register yourself for some professional help. Perhaps, this site will help you and do the negotiations with your creditors. The consultant will bring forth the 3 payments that you have made to your creditors and negotiate for a lower amount that will be fixed till the debt is over. The consultants are trained to handle such kind of situations. Do not stress yourself too much. Just you need to sign up here and wait for the call. :D The counseling is free here. There is nothing to lose from this point.

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john john

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Really? Your Co. will help me? Really?
I feel better already.
Will sign up.
Thanks so much for the support.

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