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Consequences of ignoring collection letter

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Are there any consequences to ignoring a collection agency letter? The debts are past the sol.

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Don't ignore the collection calls if you are behind in your payments. These agencies are required to follow certain rules and guidelines laid down in the fdcpa. Talk to them so that you can understand the picture and protect your credit report from any negative remark.
  • The collection agency has to give you a correct standing of your debt in writing at your mailing address.

  • collection agencies are not allowed to harass the consumers by calling at odd timings. If you feel that the harassing calls are disturbing you and your family members, keep a record of all the calls with dates and time and the number of calls made. Make a complaint to the attorney general office in your state, FTC and the BBB

  • These agencies are restricted from calling you on official holidays and between 9 pm to 7 am during working days.

  • They are also barred from contacting your friends and relatives, neighbors, or employer except trying to locate you. But these contacts made should not be on a regular note.

  • When you know that a collection agency is trying to contact you, deal with confidence and in a professional manner. Do not get intimidated or bullied by their methods used. Don't make any commitments unless you have understood the deal clearly. If you make, keep it. And if you are not able to accept it, explain the situation.

  • Ignoring the collection calls is not the proper solution. It is understood that if they can call you, then they can take actions against you also. Not talking to them will make things more complex.

  • If you feel that you are unable to deal with the agents as required, then seek some professional help.


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