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Special Announcement: Ellis Crosby and Associates are not following fdcpa so if you are getting phone calls from their agents, please handle with care. Signup for free counseling and handle all problems associated with Ellis Crosby and Associates smoothly.

Boy am i glad this sight is here, today I get a phone call from a Ranae Ward from Ellis Crosby and Associates saying I am going to court if i don't take this one time offer and pay back the loan advance I took out from e-payday. The original loan was for $200 and Ellis,Crosby and Associates told me that I owe them $515. E-payday has already taken $360 out of my checking account, I think that's enough. If I don't answer Ellis Crosby and Associates will i go to court? Do I need a lawyer? Can I sue them for harassment for calling me at work?

Debora, who is the collector? As to your bank, if you didn't authorize this, complain to the bank, they must then investigate. Your best bet is to open a new account with a different bank. If you open a new one at your current bank, they will still get to your new account.

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Law Student Law Student

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SOmehow they got my updated info off the computer * said I never finished paying them and have already started deducting money from my account without anyone informing me and now my account is so messed up that I can't pay anyone else and no one will talk with me other than a customer service person and I need for this company to stop taking my money and not telling me how to pay them without my permission. The number I keep calling (when they answer) is 1-800-859-6439 * Lots of luck on this one.

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DECEPTIVE,DECEPTIVE, AFTER 25 year in finance in the automotive industry I thoughtI heard it all. The deception is to long to print. When they say they are with a gov. agency, they would not disclosre , luccky I had a second liine ,it wenet to a sweat shop in N.J. At least learn converse in english,Once I had the Info They Started being crude to me. There Somprano actwon't work.I am 100% italia. told him to come to my houuse , or I could show up with Attorn, and associates thet told me to F off AND BE REAL HOW ABOUT RIGHT IN MY DRIVEWAY,Because no one I know In there right mind would show up im my, or any anyones backyard.Forget American,Italia,and or Nigerian do not threaten people

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had anyone heard of a "Mr. Anderson"?

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Welcome to forums :D

Consult a lawyer and see what he recommends.

Also go through this link and see what is happening with Ellis Crosby now:

Do keep in touch.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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I have also dealt with Jacobi and Mayors, only I sent them a $100 dollar payment. I am now making complaints about them because the original creditor didn't receive the money. I have since settled with the creditor for 50% of my original balance.

I have spoken with this "Jack Smith" who also called me back as Sam Cobbs who eventually disconneted the line with me in the midst of saying he didn't believe that I had paid them off.

Thank you for the address, I will be filing many complaints on top of the ones I have already filed. Does anyone know how I can go about bringing a lawsuit about this?

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All are ready to pay their loans dear. Why don't you prefer the lawful ways? What is the problem in sending validation, when you are sure that loans belong to us?

Also go through this entire thread. One debtor has been trying repeatedly to pay her bills, but the creditors are not accepting the payments. What do you say? tml

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stanley stanley

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You should have paid your loan!!! There is no such thing as free money

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Thanks. Between him talkin very fast, the urgency he had, and not wanting to give any info, something didn't seem right. I spoke to the original creditor, and they had never heard of Jacobi and Mayors. I'm awaiting contact back from them now.

I'm sure my new found friend from Florida calling from California by way of Wyoming will call back. When he does, I'll ask for some verification/validation info.

This site was defnitely helpful.

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Seems the guy tried to get you scared. But I really appreciate the way you dealt him. Generally people lose their nerve first and make the payments out of fear.

This is not the right process of debt collection. Collectors cannot hide their identity. They should provide you all the details of your account after the initial communication.

These people are not going the right way. Better contact with the original creditor and make some suitable repayment plan.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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