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Persels and Associates: How dependable is it?

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Persels and Associates is a law firm providing legal services across America and helping individuals get rid of their debts. Glance through the topics given below to know more about Persels and Associates.

What do customers have to say about Persels and Associates?

If you are wondering "Is Persels and Associates good?", you should be aware that there are mixed reactions regarding this company. Customers have expressed their views in the Debt Consolidation Care Community Forums. There are customers who are satisfied with the services the company provided, and there are also others who have made complaints against Persels and Associates in the forum. Here is what the customers have to say about this company:

Positive feedback

Negative feedback

You may contact Persels and Associates via e-mail at "".

How does a proper debt settlement firm work?

So that scam companies cannot trick you and get your money without offering you any services in return, you should be aware of how a proper debt settlement company functions. Take a look at how they work:

When shopping for a debt settlement company, compare fees and services from at least more than 3 or 4 settlement companies before enrolling with one. You will have a better idea about the companies and which offer is best for you.


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Sub: Persels and Associates: How dependable is it?
Mon, 18/06/2012 12:01

I'm working with Care One and they want to refer me to Persels and associates llc for a debt settlement program. Our credit sucks - so I'm not worried about a settlement program damaging our credit- I'm more concerned about the fees. The guy from care one, said I'd have to pay 100.00 to retain Persels & Associates debt settlement company. What other fees do they make you pay? I read online that a lot of times they want the fees up front. I can not afford a lot of fees - hence why I'm looking into a debt settlement.

Does anyone have advice on this? This is just stressing me out to the max. I do not feel like myself anymore. :( I just want all this crap to be taken care of...

Thanks in advance.



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Sub: #1 Persels and AssociatesTue, 12/18/2012 - 19:06

They are very dishonest company, they took my money and now I am being sued by companies. I am still in shock, they came recommended by care one. My recommendation would be to stay clear of that company and this is from personal experience.


Sub: #2 SETTLEMENTThu, 12/13/2012 - 07:05



Sub: #3 call for yourselfMon, 06/18/2012 - 12:01

I work as a legal collector for a nation wide legal collections law firm.... The best advice is to keep your money and call and work out your own settlement ........ why would you pay some one to talk ? the same conversation you going to have with the account manager ... is the same they will your own bills and not pay someone to pay your bills


Sub: #4 confused and out of $$$Mon, 07/04/2011 - 06:17

Ive been with careone ,who then sent me with persel the councelors im working with are very supportive and kind but I just pd them 193$ to settle a 400.00 debt.. i still owe a 3000$ debt how much more will they charge .Im praying Ive made the right chose.I just wish i had it to do over NO CREDIT CARDS for me!!!Im so scared about this Im on anti depressants.. Thanks for letting me vent:confused:

Sub: #5 i forgot to mention this in my prior reply.. care one referred uMon, 06/13/2011 - 20:33

i forgot to mention this in my prior reply.. care one referred us to persels immediately after we discussed our debts and stuff with them. i recently filed a complaint against persels with bbb, and they are saying they sent out the letters to creditors the day after we "retained" them (dec 09), which the person i was dealing with there told me repeatedly that they would NOT contact creditors til after first months pay was received by them.we cancelled enrollment several days after enrollment.. i wont get into the details of what is going on with the bbb complaint too much, but all in all, they are trying to weasel their way out of it. i have a document from one creditor that states they received the "retainer" notice in march of 2010, then a second letter in april 2010 stating we had cancelled our debt settlement enrollment. please explain to me, if the letter was mailed in december to creditors, why did it take until march for them to receive this letter???


Sub: #6 I hired Persels and my debtors are suing me anyway. The lawyer Tue, 05/03/2011 - 16:23

I hired Persels and my debtors are suing me anyway. The lawyer there won't give me any help with it and threw me to the lions. These are debts of $4000 and $3000. Two lawsuits. Maybe I'll go totally bankrupt if I can find a lawyer who accepts payments. I can't deal with the stress caused by Percels and am canceling immediately. If you are considering them, be aware they will throw you in the street and probably keep your money if you get sued.

Sub: #7 avoid persels - period ! we talked to care one & was referred tFri, 04/29/2011 - 21:19

avoid persels - period ! we talked to care one & was referred to persels. they told us all the info, including the fact that they WOULD NOT notify our creditors that they were representing us until AFTER they got the first monthly payment in the account. we signed on, got more papers via email immediately to look over after that, then didnt like what we saw, called back the next day (within 24 hours of signing on with them) and cancelled enrollment. 3 months later, we learned that 2 of our cc's that we had remained current & never missed a regular payment on- had been turned into collections at zwicker & associates, then the next month, another one had been turned over to z&a. i called and talked to p& a about this and had them fax another document to me showing the day we enrolled and day we cancelled enrollment. they just outright lied about that. glad i saw the light quickly via the papers they sent via email & cancelled before they really made a mess of things. i had to call my other cc banks and let them know i had document to show that we cancelled the enrollment and were not involved with any debt settlement company. it is odd that they all said they had not received any notice from any settlement company, yet the 3 did ! what a mess that was


Sub: #8 So I was getting divorced and in Debt BIG 6 figure debt and signFri, 04/29/2011 - 17:12

So I was getting divorced and in Debt BIG 6 figure debt and signed up originally for debt settlement back in 2007 the fees were reasonable and I thought this was a way out. After 6 of my credits would not settle with them I opted to changed and file bankruptcy. (Talking to my creditor found out Persels collects fee's first and then pays creditors which is why so many will not work with them) No problem they told me. That was November of 2009. Still no Filing 3 different lawyers and now no one returns my calls and about once a week I get an email. I'm taking my tax return hiring another attorney. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB, The Bar Association, The Attorney General and the FBI because while they were giving me the run around I was educating myself! I only want my $2000 back and for them to be out of business so they can not do this to someone else. Simple!


Sub: #9 i was with them for a long time, im filing bankruptcy through thWed, 02/16/2011 - 10:10

i was with them for a long time, im filing bankruptcy through them. they were easy to work with..they settled a few of my debts, unfortunately i have WAY too many, and i managed to accumulate two repos and a few other small debts outside of the program, during my time with persels, i did recieve one lawsuit, which was dismissed after i called persels and told them about it.


Sub: #10 P.S. Someone in one state will have a different experience thanWed, 02/02/2011 - 08:07

P.S. Someone in one state will have a different experience than someone else in another state. Each state has different laws and procedures when it concerns debt settlement and I'm guessing Persels is probably different in each state so people really need to put the state where they're having their good or bad experiences.


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