InCharge Debt Solutions-Consumer feedback and complaints against them

InCharge Debt Solutions Inc. is a well-known credit counseling organization offering debt management services and spreading financial literacy through various educational initiatives. They are said to be a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and a member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. They are a BBB accredited business. To know whether InCharge Debt Solutions is a good company, and what are the complaints against them, go through the topics given below:

Is InCharge Debt Solutions a good company?

There are a many a consumers who claim that InCharge is a good company and they've benefited from the company's service. Many of them have expressed their positive feedback about this company in the DebtCC forums. Below are some of the InCharge Debt Solutions reviews shared by these consumers:

  • The company delivers results: Customers claim that unlike other scam debt relief companies, this company offers effective services and delivers results. One consumer says she had to quit her job when she became disabled and was having difficulty paying her creditors. She enrolled in a debt management program with InCharge and was pleased with the way the company handled her case. Find out more.
  • They help reduce monthly payments: The company works with creditors on their client's behalf and often succeeds in lowering interest rates on their bills. One customer said he had $15k in debt and the interest rates were unmanageable, but that InCharge was able to lower his interest rates under 10%. This helped the customer a lot in lowering his monthly bill payments. Read more.
  • They don't charge high fees: Many people ask "Is InCharge Debt Solutions really a free service?" While the company claims to be a non-profit organization, several consumers have said that the company charges an optional monthly donation fee. One customer states that he couldn't afford the monthly donation fee of $15, so he talked to the company representatives and had the fee changed to $5 a month Find out more information.
  • The company is honest: Many consumers claim that the company is very honest and sincere, and the way they work is very transparent. One customer claims that the company representative she talked to clearly stated that they wouldn't be able to help her, given the financial situation she was in. The customer says, had the company been a scam they could easily have gotten her enrolled in a program and taken her money. Here are the details.

What are the InCharge Debt Solutions complaints?

There are some consumers who are not satisfied with the company and have certain complaints against them:

  • One customer complains that though the company settled one of his credit cards, they failed to settle his second card. He says that as a result, his credit scores were badly affected. Learn more.
  • Another customer complains that InCharge could not help him with his credit card bills. He says the company failed to lower his monthly payments and charged him $50 per month in fees. A year later, he found little change in his credit balances and the interest rates also went up. So, the plan did not help him at all. Read more.
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In Charge Debt Solutions Scam:
In Charge Debt Solutions complaints, I would like to hear some feedback from anyone who has used this company or anyone who has information/background on this company. I see positive reviews online and no unresloved complaints.
I have over $25,000 in debt and have had my hours cut at work and can no longer afford my minimums. My accounts are all current and I have a FICO score of over 700 so debt consolidation/settlement is a huge adjustment for me....
Any thoughts?


Sub: #1 You should try to call the credit card companies yourself and se
Fri, 08/03/2012 - 22:06

You should try to call the credit card companies yourself and see if they will allow you to make lower payments. If that doesn't work then go to a company for help.


Sub: #2 Yes, they are a non-profit.
Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:22

Hi -- I'm researching InCharge Debt Solutions and found this site after a Google search.

I'm just taking a look, so I don't have all the information, but InCharge absolutely IS a non-profit. You can look it up on the Florida Secretary of State website, Sunbiz. I just did, and it's listed as a foreign (out of state) non-profit.

I'd chalk that up as a big point in the company's favor. Many, many debtor's services are scams, but they're not non-profits.

The red flags for dishonest debtor services would be anyone offering to lower your debts but not fully explaining how they plan to do it, *and* typically asking you for a steep monthly payment. The scam is basically that they'll send a few letters to your creditors to slow them down, while taking as much of your money as possible. But nothing actually gets resolved, and in some cases, the "debt assistance" company will just pass you along to a bankruptcy attorney once they've milked you.

As I said, I don't know much about InCharge, but it looks as legitimate as anything I've seen, and the fact that there is substantial positive feedback tells me it's an honest business. The scammers don't please anyone, because they never solve anything, because they don't know how. An honest debt relief company will still have some complaints, because, yes, the clientele will include people in difficult situations who may have unrealistic expectations.


Sub: #3 Your wrong
Thu, 04/26/2012 - 09:16

You need to get your facts straight bankruptcy stays on your credit for 7 years after the fact. With our program its 2 to 5 years once done it shows that debt is paid in full. Hmm what would you rather have bankruptcy or paid in full? Next time you speak on a company do your research...

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Sub: #4 My husband and I joined InCharge in July 2008 with just a hair u
Thu, 09/29/2011 - 09:36

My husband and I joined InCharge in July 2008 with just a hair under $70,000 in credit card bills.... credit cards alone mind you. Fast forward to 3 years later and with steady payments and compliance with our program, we will be completely credit card debt free in 14 more months.. It is the light at the end of a very dark, depressing almost marriage ending tunnel, and getting brighter and brighter as each month passes. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. When we are done, that will be an extra $1400.00 dollars in our account each month and that is a blessing! Also, not that we truly need to be patted on the back, but, getting praise from our debt manager when she told us how much we had cut our debt and how proud she was, well yeah... that just made us beam! Silly I know, but every once in a while everyone needs that pat on the back, that "way to go, keep it up" or sometime it just doesn't seem worth it. So this is LovelyOne with a great BIG THUMBS UP! to InCharge.. :D


Sub: #5 Incharge Debt Solutions
Wed, 06/29/2011 - 21:06

I was close to $20,000 in debt. I found Incharge Debt online. They set up a manageable payment plan with me. I made my last payment earlier this month. It took five years to pay this off. I had no problems with Incharge. Payments got to my creditors on time each month. Funds were taken from my checking account each month. The staff was very professional and helpful when I called. Anyone looking for an affordable way to get out of debt, I highly recommend Incharge. I am a very happy customer. :p


Sub: #6 Great company. I had $20,000 of debt when I started and have ove
Sun, 05/15/2011 - 17:48

Great company. I had $20,000 of debt when I started and have over $8,000 to go. They do charge a monthly fee but you can always negotiate that.


Sub: #7 not true - just spoke to them - they were going to charge me $30
Wed, 03/16/2011 - 11:46

not true - just spoke to them - they were going to charge me $30 a month and at the end of my program - i would have paid back $6000 more than i owed


Sub: #8 I have used this company and found that they are good. They help
Wed, 02/09/2011 - 14:24

I have used this company and found that they are good. They helped me work through some medical bills and I am now going back to them for credit card debit.


Sub: #9 That number actually looks pretty good considering they have ove
Sat, 01/08/2011 - 18:20

That number actually looks pretty good considering they have over a 80,000 client base.


Sub: #10 Well I contact In debt after talking to 3 CC reps in regards to
Sat, 01/08/2011 - 14:57

Well I contact In debt after talking to 3 CC reps in regards to lowering my Chase, Amex, and citi. 3 CC was able to lower it from for example 25% to 15%, 2 CC 29% to 12% APR. I was happy about CC companies negiotiating my rates. I called In Dept because I wanted to find out my other options. I spoke to the In dept rep over an hour. Gave all my financial data and they inputed and gave me a budget. They mentioned they'll take out about 35.00 a month in fees, about 10.00 one time fee, and something like 50.00 for processing fee. I have no problems with this, but I could have also gone directly to CC companies. THe only thing I needed to do was download the application and sign it. It would take bout 4-5 yrs but at a lower monthly cost from what they said and I understand it. After my wife and I slept and thought about it I decided to do it on my own and just pay my cards myself directly. Hence I already negioted with the CC companies in lowering my APR. I contacted the In Debt rep to let them know and how appreciative I was in helping me yesterday, but declined to go with In Debt at this time. THe In debt rep was so helpful and couteous that she even stated to come back if I ever need assistance. She also told me to contact the CC company and request that I contact someone in the Hardship Dept and plea and negiotiate. I called the Amex and even lowered my 15% to 0% for 6 mos, and then after 6 mos. it'll go back to 9% for bout anohter 6 mos. I still have to make payments of course, but i'm in the program. Of course there's stipulations in doing this program, but felt it was necessary to stop the interest!! I no longer can use my amex card, but at least I can catch up. I saved about 1200 a yr on my amex card originally when I went from 35% to 15%, and then from 15% to 0% APR but in hardship program. I'd probably go with In Debt if I ever need them and cannot deal with going directly to CC companies. However, I dealt with the CC's and will contact my other 2 CC companies and go to hardship program just to stop the APR rate bleeding. I should be able to pay my CC in less then 3 years as indicated in my statement.

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