Credit Solutions - Is it a scam company?

Credit Solutions is a Texas based debt settlement company. They say their programs are designed to get their customers debt-free within 3 years or less, however, many customers do not believe this. Below are some of the experiences shared by consumers in the DebtCC forum:

Is Credit Solutions a scam?

Many consumers ask "Is Credit Solutions a good company or a scam?" Well, a number of people have grievances against this company. Check out the sections below to find out what people have to say about Credit Solutions.

  • Don't contact customers: One of the common complaints against the company is that they charge their consumers money, but don't contact your creditors to start the settlement process. Customers who have been with the company for 2-5 months suddenly find out that the company hasn't contact their creditors to start settling their bills.

    The company asks their customers to not contact their creditors on their own. One customer says the company continued withdrawing their monthly fees from his savings, but did not contact him about any settlement proposal. He learned that the loan has been sold to a new company that started threatening him with wage garnishment. He ended up having to pay more than what he actually owed because of the interest accrued on the loan. Check this out
  • Misleading customers: Another customer accused the company of misleading him by encouraging him to include a student loan worth $25k in the program. The customer later received a wage garnishment notice for this loan. On contacting Credit Solutions, he was told that the student loan was included by mistake and they could not help him get rid of it. Get more information on this. Get more information on this
  • Cancellation of accreditation and consumer complaints: One consumer claims that he has seen more than 1400 complaints filed with BBB against this company. He says the company is no longer a member of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), and that the company has lost its JD Power certification due to customer dissatisfaction. Here are the details
  • Consumers have said that talking to the customer service associates at Credit Solutions is very stressful. Whenever they call the company, they have to provide all the details of their accounts to the customer service representatives, as if they are calling the company for the first time. Customers are often kept on hold for a long time, leaving them with a large phone bill. One customer said that he was trying to settle his credit card debt with the company and 2 different people were working on his account. To his surprise, neither of them knew anything about it. The customer was very disgusted with their service. Know more

Has anyone had good experiences with the company?

In spite of the numerous stories about Credit Solutions scams, there are a lot of consumers who claim to have benefited from the services offered by the Credit Solutions. Their comments on their experiences are:

  • The company settles debts satisfactorily: One customer said he worked with the company for 2 years and was about to pay off his credit card debt within a few months' time. He always got the paperwork from the company to verify the payments he made and whenever he had any problems, he called the company and the representatives helped him.
  • They deliver what they promise: Some customers have said that Credit Solutions delivers what they promise. One customer said the company estimated they would be able to settle a $47K debt down to $24K, but they managed to settle it for just $19k.
  • The company is honest about its limitations: Some consumers have said the company tells them which loans cannot be settled. One customer said a Credit Solutions representative told him upfront that they cannot settle student loans and asked him to not include it in the program.

If you have any grievance against the company, you can file a complaint with the BBB and alert other consumers. You should also contact FTC and your State Attorney General's office and lodge your complaint with them. You should keep sufficient evidence to support your complaint to submit to the appropriate government agencies if needed.

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Is Credit Solutions a legitimate company? I doubt whether it is a good company. I have been dealing with them for about 2 months. I just talked to one of my credit card companies and they said that they have not heard anything from credit solutions about any kind of settlement. Now what do I do?


Sub: #1 credit solutions
Wed, 01/02/2013 - 16:28

I used credit solutions and they settled many debts for me.  I was very happy with their service.  I would like to get in touch with them and can't find their number.  If you have it could you give it to me.


Sub: #2 SLANDER?
Mon, 12/17/2012 - 02:28

slander is spoken; libel is in print.


Sub: #3 Credit Solutions a scam
Thu, 11/29/2012 - 08:05

I went to Credit Solutions back in 2007 and got scammed for around $1100 or so. They never did anything and I faxed them a bunch of bills. I ended up contacting the BBB and my state attorney general's office. I was sent a cashiers check for refund after the Texas attorney general's office pursuaded them to do so. I ended up filing bankruptcy for the first time in my life and the last but it was the best way in my situation. Credit Solutions is a scam and they promise you the world but give you a pice of dogshit. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND CONTACT A BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY IF THINGS ARE THAT BAD. I had gone through a divorce and the woman always sticks them man with extra bills so think twice before getting married also. Make sure you marry a christian-evangelical thew first time and not a libtard.


Sub: #4 Settle the debt without worries.
Thu, 11/08/2012 - 12:27

same as other


Sub: #5 Here is a solution!
Thu, 11/08/2012 - 10:24

the solution is you stop posting your spam on our site as we will keep deleting it. no one wants your retarded PDL consolidation. get back to the phones


Sub: #6 Is Credit Solutions out of business?
Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:33

I tried logging on to the website for Credit Solutions and I can't log in. Are they out of business? I have 2 more accounts enrolled with them that I need to settle. If anyone knows, please post.

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Sub: #7 It's important to keep your eyes and ears open to avoid becoming
Mon, 11/05/2012 - 21:38

It's important to keep your eyes and ears open to avoid becoming victims of scams. Unscrupulous agencies are always on the look out to scam you. Being aware is the only way to ward them off.


Sub: #8 Just got a letter today from a law firm stating that they can no
Mon, 10/15/2012 - 16:50

Just got a letter today from a law firm stating that they can no longer work with CS to negotiate my debt as they are out of business. What do I do now?


Sub: #9 Just got a letter today from a law firm stating that they can no
Mon, 10/15/2012 - 16:48

Just got a letter today from a law firm stating that they can no longer work with CS to negotiate my debt as they are out of business. What do I do now????


Sub: #10 what is the web site address
Fri, 09/28/2012 - 14:20

Glad you have had good experience with this company.. I however have not, I can not log into my account and they do not return any of my calls.. as of today 9/28/12 the website address I have is nonexistent.. please help.. thanks

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