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This guy named John Parker left an aggressive message on my voicemail, stating he needed my home address & employer address to serve me papers. He stated on my v/m that he was faxed some papers of a claim placed against me with case number 118448, and that this is my only chance to contact ADR Firm to settle this. He also called my job and stated that he was an "independent processor" and that he will be coming to my job to serve me papers to appear in court. When I asked him the company he's from, he replied that he's an independent processor (mind you, on my v/m he stated that some papers were faxed to him in his office). I don't know about this, so I looked up the company "ADR Firm" and some weird unofficial website ( pops up. The website seems bogus, listing the owner of the law firm as Allison D. Richards, Esq., The ADR Firm LLC in Atlanta, GA (404-507-6139). Weird, because when I spoke to "independent processor" John Parker, he left me to call ADR Firm at 877-528-5110. So, I looked up this firm on, a worldwide law firm listing, and there were no results. So, I looked up Allison D. Richards on, no results. I haven't recieved ANY notification via postal mail - no official letters from payday loan nor mediator. So, my question is, if an "independent contractor" is given papers of a claim with a case number, why would he need to call me at work and or leave a voice msg that he needs my mailing address and employer address to serve me papers to appear in court? Wouldn't he already have this information, and just show up? I live in California, btw. Input??


Sub: #1 888-516-3677
Wed, 06/22/2011 - 17:31

I received 5 calls in a row from this company today! They also called my last employer and left a threatening message that they needed to get in touch with me and verify my work and home address as I had a case against me that I needed to be served at work. I was lucky enough that my mother actually still works at this company so they recorded the message and forwarded it to me.

Anyhow, by reading what has been posted about the payday loan situation, I can give you a little insight. Last year I had a company contact me about a payday loan I supposedly took out as I was going through a divorce with my ex husband. I told them that I never took this out and that I believed it was my ex husband. They told me I had to take care of it immediately and that they would then forward all the documentation to me to proceed with taking action against him. Scared that I was going to have legal action, I paid.....over $1000. Just about a week before my last payment, another company contacted me. I explained that I had already paid this off and sent them proof....of course I blacked out everything on the bank statement except those payments. After that, approximately every 2-3 months I get a call from a "new" collection agency to collect this same debt. When I call them out on it and proceed to explain to them that I am not paying the debt because they are a scam, they hang up on me and don't call back. Unfortunately, it only means that I have to deal with it again in 2-3 months. I don't know what to do.


Sub: #2 I also had a call at work from Peter Hersh. Same story everythi
Wed, 06/22/2011 - 11:39

I also had a call at work from Peter Hersh. Same story everything. I doubt we all live in the same state. He said he was local and wanted to speak to management to serve me. Wow I am so glad for this discussion. Saved me big time trouble and stress!!


Sub: #3 what can we do?
Tue, 06/21/2011 - 10:44

Ok this is the second call I get the first one my sister in law answered and she was given a womans name and a phone number and case number.... Well just a couple of days ago they left a message a guy supposedly named Peter Hersh said to call this number 1-866-583-6379 and left the name of ADR Firm and that it was my last chance to contact them before I got served but he said that the state of California was suing me....Hmmm this did scare me because I don't know why would the state be suing me? Well I am glad I googled and this came up. It sucks this happening to us. I would just like to know what can we do? Is there somewhere we can report this to? :confused:


Sub: #4 Wth?
Mon, 06/13/2011 - 09:27

I received the same call several days ago. A call came in to my home and as it was a number I did not recognize (the number was not from a toll free number, it was from a local number with my state area code of which I know telemarketers do sometimes), I did not answer. When I didn't answer, they called right back about a minute later. I still did not answer and the 3rd time calling, they left a voice message. The caller was a person named Carol Stevens and she said she was looking for me regarding a case of which papers had been filed against me and she needed to confirm my home and work address in order to serve me. She said this was my last chance to call her back (888-516-3677) to confirm my address. Of course, I didn't call her back. Today, I received yet another call from the same number. First call I did not answer..second call either. But as I was getting pretty aggrevated by the 3rd call, I answered the call. She said she was looking for me (I told her "I" was not home but took the number) but she had already confirmed my address but if I wanted to resolve this before the case went any further for me to call 888-516-3677 immediately. As I don't recall any type of debt I owe at this time, I am not making the call back to these people. I am very glad I googled and found this sight so now I know I am not the only "victim" being scammed!


Sub: #5 one for the books
Thu, 06/09/2011 - 12:32

I was a victim of identity theft and the company that sold all of my information led to people opening up loans in my name. Four years later I am just now getting calls from the ADR Firm aba Nationwide Mediation...they are trying to serve me as well and on top of that refuse to give me a copy of the original loan agreement sd well as their address. The Department of Investigation called me first to say they going to serve me and then said over the phone...YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED. Now having previously working for Attorneys, I knew for a fact that they have to serve you in person, because I once did this. Also, no one in their right mid is going to tell you they will be there in 2 hours to serve you, then call you the next day and say I'll be ther to serve you in 20 minutes. It is by all means a scare tactic. Whether you actually took out the loan they by law have to provide you with the oringinal loan agreement or contract and not give it to you after they get payment from you. Also, if you are a victim of identity theft make sure you file a police report and if anyone calls you claiming that you took out the loan knowing good and well that you didn't, make sure you inform them of that and you demand an address and the loan documentation send it certified return receipt with a letter desputing it and a copy of the police report. This will clear the file and prove that you are not liable for that debt. I hope this was of some help to anyone who finds themselves in this situation.



Sub: #6 this is fraud!!!!!!!!!
Mon, 06/06/2011 - 09:42

So these people recently started calling me so I called them back and spoke with a Lisa somebody and when I gave her a claim number that I was provided 147500, she started reading off my information, my ssn my dob and an old Chase account number I had. She stated that I owed Instant Loan for a pay day loan of $720.00 from 05/14/2008.....I freaked out first of all I never took any payloans and second how the hell does she have my information. So I looked up Instant Loan Today and called them and the lady took my info and stated that she didnt find a file. She said that even if I defaulted, applied and was denied or applied at all I would have a file. She told me to contact local Attorney General and the police...This is fraud put security on your credit with Experian, Trans Union or Equifax. You just need to contact one and they will contact the other 2. Be careful DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! It pisses me off Im only 27. Im in school...I just paid off all of my debt except for student loans and my car. Im a hard working person and I dont try to get over on anyone and these P.O.S. want to snake their way into our pockets.The next time they call I will record the conversations their ass is bait!!!!!!!!


Sub: #7 When will you people learn.... real process servers will NEVER c
Thu, 05/26/2011 - 16:37

When will you people learn.... real process servers will NEVER call you in advance identifying themselves as process servers. Also, process servers are retained by a plaintiff only after a case has already been sent to an attorney AND filed in court with the filing fee, and a case number & summons has been assigned by the COURT. So if someone tells you that unless you pay now they will serve you later today/tomorrow, they are necessarily bluffing, without exception.


Sub: #8 ADR my butt
Thu, 05/26/2011 - 14:37

So these people called my friend yesterday and said the same thing. That they wanted to verify my address and tell me that they have sealed documents that they are going to serve me if I don't take this last chance to clear this up. It worried me at first because I had no idea what this was concerning. If they are going to serve me might as well do it... Hope that all in all they are not phishing for info to ruin my credit even more than it already is from my divorce.


Sub: #9 Say What... Im being charged and being served!
Thu, 05/26/2011 - 09:43

I got a call today from guy Terry, this frap was scary at first because of mainly his scare tactics but once I took a deep breath and really listened to how he chose his words like ( charges filed, court) I almost choked from laughing so hard and wad pissed because this kid honestly does not understand who he is dealing with. He wanted (demanded) me verify my address Ummm, I amm sorry... you call me asking to verify my address I used 3 years ago so you serve me papers, being very aggressive and intimidating... asking am I home, so he can serve me and giving me an 800 number to call and according to you this would be to resolve the issue.
After everything was said and done I Hung up but this stupid lil guy had the nerve to call back and told me he wasnt finished talking. I thought he was trying to hard and hung up. Hope he finds somebody to serve those papers too. i realized after the 1st time i hung up on him this was about a Pay day loan... lol this dude didnt even give the standard "debt collection discloure statement...this is an attempt to collect a debt"


Sub: #10 ADR Firm
Wed, 05/25/2011 - 12:39

Received a call from a very aggressive process server/investigator regarding a legal matter. Said I was being sued and would have to appear in court. His name was Terry Burke and his phone number is 951-643-8386. When you call his number back it says Department of Investigations. He stated he needed to speak with me or my manger. Said he needed to serve me with papers and wanted to speak with my manager to find out proper protocol for serving papers at work. When he called back he gave me a case number and a phone number for an ADR Firm. I called the ADR firm number 866-576-4080 or 877-528-5100 and found out this company is Nationwide ADR Firm. They stated that they are a mediation company for a payday loan company. Said that I defaulted on a payday loan and that I had one opportunity to resolve this issue or I would be served with papers and taken to court.

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