OneClickCash victimized you by creating an e-contract

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If ONECLICKCASH.COM, an online payday loan company, has victimized you by creating an e-contract with an e-signature that you did not actually e-sign, PLZ contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877 FTC-HELP 877 382-4357. The more complaints, the lawyers will investigate. The FTC only addressess class action law suits, therefore for this company you cannot have e-signed an agreement to particpate, and can PROVE that you did not sign an e-agreement. PLZ HELP in shutting this predatory loan company down!!


Sub: #1 Beware to all that think these internet loan companies are there
Tue, 10/12/2010 - 17:36

Beware to all that think these internet loan companies are there to help you. If you took one out and paid them back great for you. but guess what they sold your information to thousands of people. So beware of your checking account and get life lock to protect your identity. These crooks hacked into my computer because I opened an email that I thought was from my bank. I didnt have the firewalls up to protect myself and they went to town. I had no idea until it was two weeks later and I got 35 total overdraft fees from my bank each at $35.00. That's when I caught these internet companies putting money into my account and taking it out. Not only did they do that but they sold my information to thousands of loan sharks, auto loans, student loans etc. I got 500 text messages aday for people offering to loan me money they were calling all day long. My home phone I got at least 100 calls in one day. I had to change my cell number and shut down my home phone. by then it was too late they had sold my information too so many people that are crooks my identity was gone. My life is complete hell and stress because of it. And I didn't even take a loan from them. I have had to shut down my 4th checking account today because they found that one too and put illegal money into it. I cannot escape these crooks. I couldn't even find them they go under different names. You have to google them and ask others that have been taken advantage of and track them down that way. Now the Federal Trade Commission shut down all pay day loan consilidation companies three days ago because 90 percent of them were crooks. So now you cannot consoilidate these massive loans. So the law firm that was legite could not help me now and that happened yesterday.
I won't keep going on but if you think these people have your back in the hard times when you need money, then you better run your credit report and see who all is using your social. I have 15 people using mine and the government said I have to track them down. Yes the great government we have is so helpful not!!! Now I am being harrassed and threatened and tracked down like they are hunting me and I have nothing left they have taken everything from me. The government won't even let me change my social and my identity.
Beware there is a reason that these companies are being monitored by our government because they are illegal. And if they call you and say they have proof you called them, then google ID Spoofing and you will see they have the ability to log in your phone number and call their own company so your phone number pulls up so it looks like you called. And give me a break that e-signature is BS. Anyone can type your name in. Get real wake up. If I wanted a freaking loan I would go down the street to speedy cash and take it out and get my money asap. And sign a real contract.
don't let your life get taken like mine has been. Be careful of everything you post on facebook don't put personal information on there. I've researched at least 40 hours on how these companies work. You will see this go gang busters in the next year through 2011 I guarantee it.


Sub: #2 [QUOTE=;][/QUOTE] I took a 400 dollar loan with occ. I joined a
Mon, 03/01/2010 - 13:09

I took a 400 dollar loan with occ. I joined a consolidation company. I sent them dv letter . I have a fax conf and they still claim they have not received it. I sent it 12/30/09. I called them today to ask for a copy of my contract and they said no. They'll send me a copy of their offer to me. What should I do?


Sub: #3 oneclickcash
Tue, 07/29/2008 - 21:20

i am being and have been victimized by oneclickcash they are drawing money out my account i filled a stop payment but what about the money the stole out of my account? what can i do and who do i contact?


Sub: #4 OneclickCash and Ameriloan along with 500 fast cash da same?
Wed, 08/15/2007 - 14:33

I am a ex-employee of the three parading as one. I have seen all types of situations that would burn the place down. First of all, they are not doing any sorts of garnishments. So It is free money if you can stand the calls. If you do get a loan from any of the company names I listed remember this! dont pay them because they are str8 crooks! They go into your bank acct and charge so much interest and late charges that they will cause you to go into the red at your bank. inform your bank after the first couple of pymnts are extracted, tell them that you do not know who this company is and file a affidavit and you will get your money back. They will call you! 5 or 6 times a day. The reason why they call so much is because of the way their dailer is setup, if a rep gets mad they will place you in a cue to be called back within that same hour. The collectors are untamed and wil say anything to get you to pay. Record It! use a answering machine and catch them breaking the law and give it to the attorney general. ( enuf complaints wil shut this whole thing down and with the fdcpa on your side along with the ftc you can sue them and hav them pay your attorney fees. Every customer I had dealt with had to shut down their bank accts and ended up oweing the bank thousands of dollars! I have heard of cases where bosses were cussed out and customers were losing jobs behind the treatment of this company. The attorney that work on the behalf of the company advised them to act as if one click cash, ameriloan and 500 fast cash were seperate entities, they are not.-------------

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Sub: #5 This company is a pain in my butt! They are so rude and some wha
Thu, 07/12/2007 - 03:21

This company is a pain in my butt! They are so rude and some what threatening! They need to be closed as well as a few others!


Sub: #6 loan fraud
Mon, 07/09/2007 - 05:51

I have not had any trouble with this loan company. I recieved expert service, and was able to talk to a live operater when I needed to. I recieved my loan and I paid them back in full. I have not had any problems.

Thank you

Thea M. Vick


Sub: #7 OCC
Tue, 04/17/2007 - 08:55

I have paid over 900 bucks to these idiots for a 300 dollar loan. Wish I'd have known about you guys sooner.

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Tue, 11/28/2006 - 14:26

ONECLICKCASH.COM thrives on creating e-loan requests without permission and not being able to be contaced via the internet other than the loan application process. Please join me in contacting your Congessman to craft a bill stating that any on line payday loan service that deposits funds into an US GOVERNMENT FEDERALLY DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE INSURED INSTITUTION (FDIC) require that:
1. Before a request is processed the security measure of a box mixed with letters and numbers be translated with the application to protect against automated loan requests..and
2. The On Line PAY DAY company be reachable for all consumer transactions via the same venue that the originating loan was processed so that communication to the Pay Day loan comapny can be recorded by the lendee. This will mandate that if they take a loan via e-mail they must accept payoff notes and complaints via e-mail too.

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Tue, 11/28/2006 - 12:48

Plz file a report with the FTC right away. I also filed acomplaint with CNN Consumers web site. Suggest you do the same. If CNN will research and air this company, this could bring other victims forward to complain to the FTC. We need to not let this company keep preying on the most vulnerable!!

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Sub: #10 Not to blow fire, the Electronic Signatures Act (Public Law No:
Tue, 11/28/2006 - 12:26

Not to blow fire, the Electronic Signatures Act (Public Law No: 106-229) went into effect on October 1, 2000 and gives electronic contracts the same weight as those executed on paper.

So, how do you prove that it was not you actually signing the e-contract with OneClickCash and on the other side, they will try to prove this?

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