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are these payday lenders legal in tx?

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I keep yrying to go to the link ive seen posted to find out if they are illegal and it doesnt work for me. The lenders are
Lend connect
Purpose Cash
rite money or power financial
cutter group llc
ncp finanace
mountan top services
star cash processing
one click cash
pepper cash
four seasons cash..
I got the loans last week and stumbled on this site and after reading I want to close my account so they dont keep hitting me with all the charges ive read about. I didnt realize how much these people could actually screw you and threaten you . Im not sure what to do except close my account and contact all the legal lenders and ask for a payment extension, and then send the illegal lenders the letter ive seen on here about only contact via email. Sorry i'm such a jack @ss, any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou -Josh

Anna Sweeting
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Sub: #1 In order to deal with your payday lenders, you should first cont
Sun, 10/02/2011 - 20:09

In order to deal with your payday lenders, you should first contact your bank manager and close down your bank account. Closing down the bank account will help you to stop any kind of unauthorized withdrawal from your account. As far as the illegal payday lenders are concerned, you should contact them and pay them the principal balance. If you have already paid them the principal amount, then you won't have to pay them anything else. As far as the legal payday lenders are concerned, you need to pay them the debts in full. If you can't do so, then you can contact a professional debt relief company and take their assistance in this regard.

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