Check Resolution Services threatening to serve summons–I’m too scared

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I live in Texas. I had gotten a PDL with Check N Go online last year and due to money problems was unable to pay it. I am now receiving calls from someone named Kevin Carlson who says he is a process server in Tarrant County and Check Resolution Services is trying to serve me with a summons for theft by check, internet fraud, etc, but if I could work out an arrangement with the company (he gave me my client no & phone number 888-995-0615) he wouldn't have to serve this summons. First off, since when do process servers care enough to try to help you?! Their job is to just serve the papers not get involved.

I called this number back and lo and behold the same guy "Kevin the process server" answered and his name is now Seth. I know it's the same guy, because he has a very distinct voice. He kept putting me on hold saying he needed to talk with the bank about arrangements. When I asked the bank name he said it was First Federal. When I took out the loan with Check n go, the bank was First Bank of Delaware....not sure about than one.

He said the bank would give me 90 days to take care of this matter and he needed my debit card number. I told him that I would not give him a debit card/nor ACH information, but if he would give me an address I would send him a money order and make arrangements that way. He was like "Oh no, by the time we get your money order, you will have been served and then there's nothing I can do." He told me about all these fees I would incur at court and then they would fly their attorney in on his corporate jet and I would have to pay for that also! Good grief!

I told him to do what he needed to do because I wasn't giving my bank information. He kept saying he couldn't believe I'd rather go to court than give out my bank information! He said "Well, I see you really want to pay this off, so let me contact the bank again and see if they'll wait and I will call you back."

He called me on my cell phone, home phone and then when I didn't answer I get a call from my area code and when my son picked up the phone it was him with a totally different name on the caller ID. I know this was a ploy to get us to answer the phone by using a local. Not sure how he pulled that one off.

Anyway, I would be willing to make arrangements to get this debt taken care of, but all these underhanded tactics are ridiculous. I have a hard time believing that after almost 2 years they are now saying they are going to take me to court.

Anyone have any knowledge of Check Resolution Services or collection agencies with Check N Go, or just give me some advice on what to do.


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Sub: #1 reply to SUB 233 and 234
Wed, 11/30/2011 - 20:57

This is in response to submission 233 and 234......Let me get this straight...So your saying that when anyone calls and says "you owe this, pay me now or your going to jail and the summons is on the way as we speak if you pay now i will have it cancelled, you have to make an arrangement now, this phone call, or your going in front of a judge and go to jail, the server is on the road now, ...."
you should just get out your wallet and start tossing dollar bills their way?.... really? without demanding proof? And when they say they don't have it, or you don't have time for mailed proof, that's ok? Oh, and they don't have to provide address or any kind of traceable information. Never mind if you happen to be the ones who never took out a PDL in the first place. A lack of proof is laughable.
It appears you think this is ok and In that case, my name is Kevin, you owe me some money please pay today or i will have you served. No you cannot call me back, you must make payment arrangements now. No I cannot take mailed payments (that requires me to give you a physical address) only credit card or ACH
Tomorrow, i will call for another company and my name will be Thomas. I will demand some more money. Just giving you a courtesy call in advance, so you can get your finance's together. I will already have your account info so you won't need to provide that. :o
Dont ask for proof, i don't have time nor the inclination to provide it. after all, "Too many debtors use it as a convenient way to buy time, delay paying anything or just as something to hide behind." Those are your words.
It's not buying time, its validating the debt. Why should I pay just based on the word of someone that dodges all attempts to get proof of debt? And only responds with scare tactics to boot!!
As it was so eloquently said "Go back to the phones"
...your getting paid to break laws... not surf the internet.
It's that or you a seriously in the "most gullible idiot" category and need help.

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Sub: #2 its the illegal part we disagree with
Wed, 11/30/2011 - 19:53

There is a post on here talking about "it's your own fault if you don't pay back your debts....." No one on here that actually owes a debt is actively trying to NOT pay. At least for the most part. What we are complaining about is the tactics. The law is the law, and if they were truly legit they would follow them to the letter. With that said, I too have recently run into these people called "National check resolution". They called my fiance' and scared her into giving a pre-paid debit card (my advice) with the same tactics of "your're about to be served unless you call..."
Well, I asked them what the call was about this woman tells me it is for a check written to check n go, written in 2006. First of all, we have never taken a PDL from them, ever. (however, she has had some issues with identity theft, and our experience with this is sobering to say the least but that another story) Second, they promised to send written proof of the check, specifically i asked for a copy of the check. She agreed to everything while asking for the account info. If it had been me they were after, I would have blown them off, asked them to verify my address and tell them to come on by and i will have the police there to legitimize their server and have him arrested for violating KY law.
But, i was denied my chance to play, my Fiance' was freaking out, so i gave them a a pre-paid debt card that still to this day has a zero balance. And repeated the conditions of agreeing to pay. Nothing ever came in the mail. I have emailed them several times with no reply. last friday (over two weeks later) i got a letter with payment terms listed but no information about check.I took the time to look into the matter further.
First they cannot serve you in this manner, and no process server would call you anyway.
Second, a legit debt collector would not divulge any information regarding YOUR debt to anyone else in their attempt to contact you. It is against a host of privacy laws.
Third, its civil, not criminal.
SO, with that info, I have checked the laws concerning recording laws here in KY, and have decided to forward her calls to my google voice account and then have google voice forward the calls to her cell phone. For those who don't know, google voice allows you to record your conversations, just press 4 when after you answer the phone. The recorded message will be stored on your account. Downloadable to boot. ;) I think i will let them spew their BS for awhile and then inform them they are being recorded and then ask them questions aimed at the BS they just said. Should be interesting, and i will then send this to the AG and whoever else needs to be contacted. Today the first payment was to be made and they called her however she didnt answer. I am going to get this set up asap and see how their tune changes. I'll let you know how it goes. Seems I get to play a little after all. :)


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Sub: #3 whatever you want
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 13:44

as long as you know this is a bottomfeeding piece of crap.use your imagination,but keep it clean okay.just let him know he's getting nothing from you but contempt.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

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Sub: #4 "Kevin" just called today at 01:03
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 13:19

Wow I can't believe I got all round up for nothing. This guy kevin just called stating the same exact charges as mention above, but used 831-607-4533. I told him I was going to call him back in 2 hrs to provide him with my info. So glad I looked into it. So what do I tell him besides the dummping letter?


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Sub: #5 speaking of idiots
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 11:28

to the douche above me.just another humanoid post trying to cover for a complete piece of fetid garbage.back to the phones drone.check resolution is the epitomy of collection wormslime.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.


Sub: #6 your an idiot
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 10:40

If anyone can become a collection agency why wouldnt everyone do it?
The answer is because they can not. Collection agencys exist because they are funded by banks who consumers like yourself have stiffed on the money you owe them. No one forced anyone to ever borrow money from them. It was a choice that you made and also the choice not to pay back the money like you had originally aggreed to. If you want to see collection agencys disapper pay your bills on time and then there will be no need for them. Dont hate people because of mistakes you have made.


Sub: #7 I have recived calls from this company for over a year now, i kn
Mon, 05/16/2011 - 06:43

I have recived calls from this company for over a year now, i know that they are scam artist just trying to get me to give them my info so they can take any and all money form me that i have left. I think it is funny that they keep telling me that they are going to come to my house and serve me, and i am still waiting, they keep going to an old address i used to live at over 4 years ago, and i know the people who live there and no one ever came to there hosue to serve me. I have never taking out any loans from any cash advance loan place, nor ever had the last name of smith, i am going to keep waiting for them to show up, and when they do i am going to calll the cops and have them arested for harassment, I laugh in there face ever time they call me.


Sub: #8 I was googling this number and the name of the company while i w
Wed, 05/04/2011 - 13:43

I was googling this number and the name of the company while i was on the phone with the effin dummies!!!! Damn right i hung up on them!!! This is a shame!!!!!


Wed, 05/04/2011 - 13:40



Sub: #10 Capital Chandler (Associates)
Fri, 04/15/2011 - 14:18

My husband got a phone call from a Ms. Davis that they are trying to locate him to be served a summons regarding a fraudulent debt and that if he didn't show up for court that he would go to jail. We knew he had a Pay Day Loan with Check n Go and caution went out the window with the threat of jail so we gave them our debit card number to make a $100 payment with the remaining balance of $515 to be paid within two weeks. The original loan was for $200 *blank stare* the bells and whistles still didn't go off at this point. At any rate we are in the midst of disputing the $100 payment with NetSpend a debit card we purchased to make the payment (thank God we didn't give them our banking info). The number Ms. Davis called from was 877-420-9911.

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