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CashNetUSA in Texas

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For those of us in Texas dealing with CashNetUSA, just a heads up.

They are a CSO, so they are legit, however, they are NOT members of the CFSA in texas as the CFSA does not show payday loan members in Texas.

So.....this means that getting an EPP with CashNetUSA is next to impossible.

This is what I found out. I have NOT defaulted yet. I owe them $591. When I closed by old bank account I paid my extension by Moneygram. Well, the amount is now due in full on 8/11. So, I called to set up payment arrangements. Yeah, right. Basically, they noted that I couldn't pay the account and sent me over to collection who basically said that they only accept payments in form of a bank account and in two equal installments. I told them I no longer had a bank account, but they said that it would have to DEFAULT first and that I could set up payment arrangements ONLY if I opened another bank account.

So, I called back to customer service and explained what I was told. This is what she did. Since I had NOT defaulted yet, they gave me a courtesy extension until 8/29. That way I could save up half and half between my next two paychecks to send another moneygram for the full amount on 8/28. This way I save the overdraft fee they are going to charge me by trying to debit a closed account.

Is this not ridiculous?

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Sub: #1 Well, i am dealing with them in fl, and i also tried to set up a
Tue, 08/05/2008 - 15:05

Well, i am dealing with them in fl, and i also tried to set up a payment arrangement, with no SUCESS. They also gave me a "courtesy" extension of two weeks, but i will not be able to pay the entire 669.00 then either.


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Sub: #2 That is not their fault, the laws there changed and since they a
Wed, 08/06/2008 - 06:54

That is not their fault, the laws there changed and since they are a legally abiding company, they are simply following the laws.

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