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Advice needed with Cash Taxi


I have recently found this forum and am so thankful! This week I will begin the process of sending letters and contacting my bank. I live in NC and have learned that all my loans are illegal. However, I do have an internet loan out with Cash Taxi due on Friday. They do not allow you to pay interest only, you have to pay in full. I borrowed $225 and am due to pay them $300 on Friday. However, I have had loans with them in the past and overpaid those loans by $120. How should I proceed?


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Sub: #1 Cash taxi is an illegal toffshore lender; you owe principal only
Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:06

Cash taxi is an illegal toffshore lender; you owe principal only. If you overpaid just let it go... they are offshore and are never going to refund.

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