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Sub: cri
Thu, 01/02/2007 08:59

am an avid reader of this blog, i worked for them for a longtime and have been doing the job for even longer. cri is one of the few companies that i have seen that are very professional, when they need to be. if you are having a problem dealing with a rep, simply tell them what they want to hear get the address write out a payment plan that you can afford send that along with a cease and desist letter stating not to call you at any number. let them know they can correspond with you by mail only. now when you set this schedule,keep in mind you need to be resonable about the amount you will pay, don't set up arraingments that will take more then a year to payoff account, when you send them a letter send it certifeid mail return reciept requested. on your letter make sure you "cc" a copy to your state attorney general. i assure 2 things 1 your payments will be accepted 2 you will not receive another call from them. you see the only thing that the boss Bruce Davis cares about more then money is a lawsuit or a state complaint, he would rather close an account then have to deal with it. if your having a problem with the rep who is calling you ask to speak to Jose Sobrino (that is his real name) he is the manager for the company, he will try to get tough with you over the phone, simply remind him that if he refuses to make arraingments with you will contact the state attorney general to file a complaint (don't waste your time with the BBB they could care less about a good report card with them) you need to use the people they are afraid of, you see it is Jose's responsability to insure the company doesn't get sued or fined. for the most part they have some good people working there but it's a financial sweat shop the people are paid very well for what they do it's just they are treated like animals in a circus show and if they don't perform they will suffer.

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