Blitt and Gaines: How to handle them?

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HELP!!! I had an account with Orchard Bank with a limit of $728.00. (I live in Illinos). After a financial bind I could not keep up with my payments.

Orchard sold the account to Household Bank sometime in 2001. Between 2001-2002 the amount kept going up despite my making very small payments and taking part in their "re-aging" plan. I would pay approx. $40-$50 amount...they kept adding two fees every month ($29 over-the-limit fee and $29 in past due fee). Finally, I stopped paying them as it seemed like throwing good money after bad.

Last year the account was placed with Collection Attorneys in Georgia who despite my request by phone did not validate the debt. (I now realize such a request for validation needs to be done in writing).

Sept. 1, 2007 I received a letter from collection attorneys in Illinois saying that they are being retained by a Crown Asset Management to collect a debt I owe in the amount of $3200.

After much reading, I am planning to send out a debt validation letter to them (saw a few samples on this site).

1) Is there anything in particular to stipulate in the debt validation letter?

2) Has anyone heard of Crown Asset Management?

3) What if these Collection Attorneys come back with a generic verification letter?

4) I am willing to make good on the orig. amount approx. $800...but $3200 is outrageous as most of that constitutes fees they kept adding to the account despite trying to work with them on paying it. Can I now even negotiate with these collection attorneys to pay $800...or $900 maximum to settle the account, get a paid in full/delete letter?

4) More than anything how do I resolve this to avoid a law suit and to get a reasonable settlement amount accepted by them?

5) I cannot afford an attorney but how do I deal with these Collection Attorneys without legal representation?

Any help/insight that someone here on this forum can provide would be greatly appreciated. To say I am very stressed about this would be an understatement.


Sub: #1 I has a debt from a hospital
Wed, 01/23/2013 - 10:30

I has a debt from a hospital that has since been reduced to zero per a financial statement that I had to complete with the hospital. I have several letters from the hospital stating that the account is at a zero balance. (This was from 2008) now all of the sudden my check is being garnished by this law firm. i have contacted them and faxed them copies of the letters. I have also contacted the hospital, which assures me that I do not owe anything. The law firm is refusing to give me my money back. Do I have any options?


Sub: #2 I went into negotiation with Blitt and Gaines rep Jose. I lied.
Wed, 03/24/2010 - 11:52

I went into negotiation with Blitt and Gaines rep Jose. I lied. I receieved a summons to come to court and called to negitiate two days before the court date. I offered to settle for 60%, Jose countered with 70%. I was perplexed. Turns out he did a bate and switch on me. Jose told me we were settleing for 70% ($$ - 70%) but he calculated for 30% ($$ x 70%). I knew something was not right but I did not catch on to what Jose had done until after I had agreed to the bogus amount thinking I was negotiating for 70%. I called the next day to confront Jose and he was not in. I told them young lady,who after some time gave a name I believe to be false, I felt cheated and wanted the firm to honor the 70% that Jose offered. She refused. I did not show up to court. Law firms have sent me solicitations for business saying a Judgement was entered against me for $3100. Do I have any recourse?


Sub: #3 You are all a point. Yes, Blitt & Gaines is a jo
Wed, 03/24/2010 - 09:00

You are all a point.

Yes, Blitt & Gaines is a joke.......BUT......unfortunately, they are operating within the law. Just barely within the law, and their tactics are very shady.

I just helped my fiance deal with these people..........and we beat them at their own game. It took hours & hours of work on my part.......but we won against them in court.

You have to do your homework, and be very diligent about it. DO NOT give up, and most importantly....DO NOT give in to them. I am NOT an attorney nor do I work for an attorney.

I am in the process of creating a website to help those who have been or are being harrassed by Blitt & Gaines. Until the website is completed, you can email at


As much as I would love to, I can't help everyone for free. There is a lot of work involved, but it is truly worth the effort to get these people to leave you alone. I know that trust is an issue, especially on the internet with millions of people trying to scam you. I am NOT trying to scam anyone out of their hard earned dollars. I'm here to try & help. I can't guarantee that everyone will get the same results as my fiance, but you won't know unless you fight back.


Sub: #4 These people are a joke and make false claims. They must be repo
Wed, 03/17/2010 - 12:37

These people are a joke and make false claims. They must be reported to the state and stopped. The more people who step up the better chance they will be stopped. Don't put up with the threats!!!! They are acting illegally!!!! Don't buy into the scam!!!!


Sub: #5 I send them an offer for a setllement via certified mail. I did
Fri, 03/05/2010 - 08:39

I send them an offer for a setllement via certified mail. I did never receive back the post office document signed by them, now they summon me to court in a couple of days. What should I do? should I ignore them the way they ignored my certified mail.


Sub: #6 Blitt & Gaines is a JOKE! Someone showed up at MY house looking
Wed, 01/06/2010 - 10:01

Blitt & Gaines is a JOKE! Someone showed up at MY house looking for my brother, asked my husband (who answered the door) if he was "bro" (obviously he said "no"), then if he knew "bro" and when he said yes, handed him a paper and said "He's been served" and walked away. Not once did they ask if he lived here or had EVER lived here (which he hasn't). When I tried to call them to tell them that, I was hung up on 4 times before someone said they'd "make a note of the address wrongness (exact quote)" before mumbling something about the call being taped and hanging up on me. Call 5 shows "no record" of any activity other than service of summons on his file so I went through it all AGAIN. If I had a way to contact "bro," I'd strangle him because I'm sick and tired of dealing with this SH!T!!! I get at least 2-3 calls a week and mail out the wazoo because of his bad debts. Wish there was a way to stop it all!!!


Sub: #7 blitt&gaines
Thu, 11/12/2009 - 20:04

me too... I did not not really clarify the papers they give me if it's falsified or not. Before the court date they said I did call them and make an arrangement and want money for the initial payment for the court fees 310.00 and a 125.00 monthly. Do I really have to pay the court fees even I did not appear in the court? Please help...


Sub: #8 I beleive that blitt and gaines has done the same thing with me
Tue, 09/29/2009 - 06:54

I beleive that blitt and gaines has done the same thing with me.....I have been summons recently and I beleive they falsified this info what should I do

Chrys Henderson

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Sub: #9 Quote: Elimidebt also told me NOT to appear in court :shock: Wow
Thu, 08/20/2009 - 22:43

Elimidebt also told me NOT to appear in court
:shock: Wow. :shock:
File a complaint with the FTC, your state Attorney General, the BBB, the Bureau of Consumer Affairs, etc.

Rip-off companies - FTC.
Phone harassment by Debt Collectors - FCC.
Banking issues, like ACH problems - OCC.


Sub: #10 my scenario
Thu, 08/20/2009 - 11:08

I'd love to know how to get ahold of Mario. I was summoned to court last year, and E-limidebt advised me to write a letter requesting all documents be sent to me about my debt with a credit card. All I was trying to do was dispute the 30% interest that was making the payments unpayable. Elimidebt also told me NOT to appear in court, just to file the papers requesting validation of the debt they were trying to collect on. Long story short ... I didn't go to court per advisement, and not only did Blitt & Gaines NOT have to send me proof of the debt; the judge made a judgement against me - no one; not the court, nor Blitt & Gaines notified me of the judgement against me ... and now they want to garnish my wages; and just informed me that my debt that had accrued at 30% a month with the credit card is now accruing at an addition 9% each month. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I had a relative who was willing to loan me money to try to pay part of it, or settle for some lessor amount - they refused it. They say nothing but the full amount now will appease them - and they are fighting me because I actually do not make enough to garnish, so they are trying to strong arm more money per month out of me. Please don't use E-limidebt if you are reading this ... I spent $2,000.00 for their help and settled all my debt ON MY OWN except this one. When I called them and told them my delimna on this one - they have no answers for me. I told them I want a refund... but they aren't going to give it to me either.

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