ARS National: How is it dealing with the CA calling from 888-238-8232?

ARS National Services, Inc offers services related to the Accounts Receivable Management (or debt collection). Debtors whose accounts are held by this collection agency have shared their feedback against this company in the Debt Consolidation Care forums.

What are the ARS National complaints made by debtors?

Most debtors complain that they haven't had a good experience while dealing with ARS National collection agency. Here's what they have said about the agency:

  • Calling third parties repeatedly: A collection agency can only contact third party in case they are not aware of the debtor's location and phone number. But ARS National collection agency is said to violate the FDCPA laws and contact third parties (related to the debtors) repeatedly just to embarrass them for not having paid their bills on time. Know more...
  • Calling people who do not owe the debt: ARS National Services collection agency keeps calling the wrong people in order to retrieve the unpaid dues. When these individuals explain that they aren't the ones the agency is looking for, ARS National representatives hardly listen. They keep on making harassing calls unless the individuals put their names on the National Do Not Call Registry. Check out more details on this...
  • Refuse to give contact details: Debtors complain that ARS National Services collection agency do not pass on their address details to consumers who want to send them a written request to remove their names from the agency's call list. There are consumers who've already entered their names in the National Do Not Call Registry and as such they feel that the collection agency is violating the laws by calling them over and over again. Such consumers can file a complaint with the Registry if they receive an unwanted call after 31 days have passed since their names have been entered in the Do Not Call Registry. Know more...
  • Using abusive language: ARS National collection agency is said to use abusive words while calling individuals who do not actually owe the debt but have been used earlier as reference by the debtors. Even after repeated requests to stop doing so, the agency doesn't stop unless the message is passed on to the debtor and the latter co-ordinates with the agency regarding the payments. Get further details...

    ARS National debt collection agency is also known to be very rude to consumers who've wanted to send them a Cease and Desist letter. One such consumer had to go through the State Attorney General's office and the Secretary of the State's office to get the contact information of the agency as because the latter refused to reveal it to them. Know more...

What should you do when harassed by a collection agency?

If you're getting harassing calls from a collection agency, do not hesitate to speak to them. Avoiding their calls will only make the situation worse and the CA may keep on adding extra charges to your outstanding balance. Here's what you should do when you're being harassed and threatened by a collection agency:

Know your rights under the FDCPA: The FDCPA has provisions which state what a collection agency can and cannot do when dealing with individuals who owe money to the collectors. When you're aware of your rights under the FDCPA, it helps you to take necessary action against the CA.

Record the conversation: In case the collection agency representative uses abusive language and threatens you with frequent calls, it is better you record the conversation. Inform the representative that if he doesn't stop making harrasing calls, you'll be reporting it to the State Attorney General. Recording the conversation between the CA and you can be used as an evidence when filing a complaint or a lawsuit. However, you need to make sure whether recording such conversations is considered legal in your state.

Check your credit report: Pull your credit report from any of the 3 credit bureaus and see if you can find an account listing with the collection agency. Check the status of the account as mentioned there.

Go for debt validation: If it's an old debt and you aren't sure that you owe money on the credit account, request the CA to validate your debt. Validation involves the CA sending you proof that you indeed owe the debt. Know more...

Pay your debt: Depending upon your financial situation, you may pay off the debt in full or negotiate with the CA so that they allow you to get out of the obligation by paying much less than you owe. Check out the tips to negotiate a settlement with the CA.

Update account status on credit report: Whether you agree to pay in full or settle your debt, you need to speak to your collection agency and make sure that they'll update the status of the account listing on your credit report, as soon as you pay off or settle the dues. If you pay in full, your account status will be reported as “Paid in full” and in case you settle the dues, it is reported to the bureaus as “Paid as settled” or “Settled as agreed”. However, if you've settled the dues, you can still have your account status updated as “Paid in full” or you may sign a Pay for delete agreement with the CA. Under this agreement, when you settle your dues for less than what you owe, the CA will remove the collection account listing from your credit report. Check out a sample pay for delete request letter.

What are the contact details of ARS National collection agency?

In case you want to contact ARS National agency and negotiate a payment plan or a settlement, call at the ARS National phone number - (800) 707-1927 or send them a letter at the ARS National collection agency address:

ARS National Services
PO Box 469046 Escondido, CA 92046

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Anyone dealt with these people before? Dell is claiming that ARS National has at least one of my husbands dell accounts. And they claim that ARS National collection agency has mine as well (I have one). Although my husband has four accounts with Dell--oxford is calling saying they have all four, yet dell has emailed me back on one account so far, and they're saying that ARS has it. This is INSANE!!!!!!!!! can I go jump off a bridge now? I'm waiting to hear back now about who has the rest of the accounts. These accounts have been passed around like hotcakes. and tell me, why is this????? if I ask for validation, here we go again. The last I heard (three months ago), oxford had two and Encore had two. This is the first I've heard of ARS having any of these accounts.

sorry, got carried away there for a minute. was just wondering if anyone here has dealt with these folks before? I'm starting to think in the terms of a lawyer---can we say L-A-W-Y-E-R?? if I had the money, I'd jump on it in a second. These people have jerked me around long enough. thanks, shirley

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Sub: #1 legal action
Tue, 03/27/2012 - 16:49

I work for the law firm Kearney Alvarez and we are currently involved in a class action against ARS. We are looking to interview potential witnesses to what we believe are violations commited by ARS. Feel free to check us out on the web and if you are willing to speak with us our email and phone number our listed on our website.


Sub: #2 first things first, one of the guys at the toronto office is ver
Mon, 04/11/2011 - 13:37

first things first, one of the guys at the toronto office is very rude and demanding. set strict deadlines, would not accept what i could afford to pay. i broke off all communication with him. then i got a call from the california office from sheri. she was so polite and understanding it completely blew me away. she accepted what i could afford $25 a week every week and now ill be free from this curse in about 10 months.


Sub: #3 I worked for ARS...The reason I am no longer there is because th
Sat, 03/26/2011 - 22:58

I worked for ARS...The reason I am no longer there is because they do break all the laws that are there protect the consumer from being threatened or harrassed.I was always being monitored and told that I needed to be more aggressive,I did my best to help all the consumers that I was working with(by the way,they refer to consumers as "debtors") I know the physical address to ARS as well as all the members of management,(these managers are a joke,I know most of you were not able to speak to one,but you would have been very disappointed,they are truly a joke!) Everytime a payment is collected,all the collectors ring a bell..that place is a real circus,My advise is that you record the conversation and ask them to Cease and desist(by law a vebal C & D is all that is needed) and as for third party contacts,all it takes by law is that you tell them they have the wrong #,if calls continue,file a lawsuit.ARS does NOT protect there collectors,lawsuits are handled by each collector as a personal lawsuit.


Sub: #4 I'm getting really tired of reading "just pay your bills" and "t
Thu, 10/07/2010 - 11:14

I'm getting really tired of reading "just pay your bills" and "this wouldn't happen if you weren't a deadbeat." That's not true. I, for instance, am getting called because I paid my bills, and the money was applied to an already paid off account. It went to ARS after another company fraudulently got my checking account info and emptied my account. Now ARS is trying to pressure me to pay without seeing any documentation of my debt or offer of settlement. I'm just supposed to take their word for it orally? Well, the law disagrees. I never said I wouldn't pay. I am NOT a deadbeat. I just want proof that my payment will be applied properly.

You collectors will say anything to try to justify what you know is fraudulent practice. But no matter how you try, the guilt is still there, because you still know you are helping a conman to steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Joe Smith
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Sub: #5 I always find it amusing when a debt collector tries to give adv
Sat, 06/05/2010 - 16:58

I always find it amusing when a debt collector tries to give advice about what a consumer can and cannot do. The FDCPA and maybe even the laws in your state are there to protect you from illegal harassment. The best evidence of illegal harassment is a recording of the phone call. Record the calls if legal in your state because debt collectors will always lie and never admit to saying something that will get them in trouble. And, Yes, you can record the debt collector without their permission and without telling them when you are in a one party consent state like Texas. Then, instead of a complaint to the attorney general who does not pursue your personal claim for you, contact a consumer lawyer to help you sue the debt collection company and the collector.

-- Debt collection laws are in place to protect consumers. Texas debt collection laws are the best.-- Texas help at


Sub: #6 Some Info to think about
Sat, 06/05/2010 - 15:34

For everyone that read this persons post, i would like to clear up a few things. ARS is not affiliated with "Square two Finances or LVNV funding" The company was established by a husband and wife and handed down to their son Jason who is the acting CEO of the company. They have offices in Escondido, Ontario, Jacksonville, Baltimore, and Phoenix. ARS is a legitamite company that collects debt directly for major Credit companies such as DELL, Capitol One, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase and collects on behalf of companies that have purchased debt such as Asset accpetance, Midland, and WAM. they do collect for a few more debt companies but i have forgotten their names. ARS DOES NOT PURCHASE DEBT! In regards to verification of debt all debtors are allowed 30 days from the date the 1st letter is mailed which by law is required within 7 days from placement of debt in the agency. If the agency does not have the correct address on the acct, which would be the fault of the debtor for not updating their address, then the agency is not required to verify the debt. In some cases you may find a collector that will give you the info to send in writing your request for verification of the debt, but it is not required to give this info once the 30 days has passed. If you do a verification of debt within the original 30 days then collections must cease until the verification is sent out to the debtor and back to the agency. If calls are placed then that is a violation of the FDCPA. Unless given permission a collector may only speak with you once a day, that includes leaving a msg on your machine, if no msg is left and they dont speak to the debtor then they can call you several times in a day. Third party calling is allowed to verify, employment, address and phone numbers, or to leave a msg asking the debtor to call. Collectors are not allowed to give any info to the third party. If the third party requests that they are not contacted again then the agency is to cease calls to that number. Based on the state where you reside will depend on other specific FDCPA Laws. For instance if you reside in the state of CA you are only required to verbally give a cease and desist on mail sent to you and/or phone calls. If an agency states you have to submit it in writing tell them in the state of CA i am not required to put this in writing, if the agency continues to contact you after this then they are in violation of the FDCPA and should be reported immediately to the Attorney General. When the complaint is logged it is sent to the agency, if they dont respond to the complaint back to the attorney general with some sort of resolution, then they are fined and a violation is put in their file, these are taken seriously. Most people that threated to file a complaint dont follow through so collectors dont normally take you seriously. Also if in the instance that you happen to have more than one account at the same agency at the same time, they are not given to the same collector, so if you get another call, make sure to verify the acct, they are calling about, because that account was probably not marked as a cease and desist. For people that want to try and see if a rude, vicous debtor was recorded, you can file the complaint with the attorney general, try to be as specific as possible about the day and time of the call, calls are randomly monitored by computer recordings and it is possible that yours may have been, if found the agency will be fined again, and you then have grounds for lawsuit against the company. In regards to a debtor recording their conversation with a collector, you must have their permission to record them, otherwise you can only record your side of the conversation, just want to make that clear. Agencies by law advise you that they are possibly recording your conversation, if you wish to not be recorded, you can ask them to ck that you are not being recorded. If they tell you that your not without checking they are lying to you, collectors dont know if the call is being recorded, at ARS they have to call the call monitoring department to verify if the current call for the collector is being recorded. If you ask to speak with a supervisor, or ask for the companies attorney name and number, they are required to do this, if not file a complaint with the attorney general.
Well this is all the info i feel like typing right now, if you have more questions for me, please just ask.


Sub: #7 Mmm Hmmm- "More than willing to help..." If you've not answered
Wed, 04/21/2010 - 09:48

Mmm Hmmm- "More than willing to help..."

If you've not answered a phone call involving these circling bolus- DON'T!

Answering machines are your friend- especially if you do not put "You've reached..." followed by your name or phone number. There's no proof they've made ANY contact with you. IF [and I do mean IF] they send you written crap about how much you owe or how much you can "pay per month" check the address on your "statement" against the pre-addressed envelope you're supposed to put it in AND THEN check to see if they've got another address [Google is also your friend]. The address used most often [especially if you can find their name & address corresponding to financials [hint: ARS is a subordinate to "Square Two Finances" through "LVNV Funding"- they're all s**t-sharks, swirling, one around another, in an effort to hide themselves] Square Two is a "public" entity- so their "direct contacts" must be listed under a public company.

Make sure you MAKE them verify that they have ownership of your debt- trust me, just saying they do doesn't cut it. An old bill record DOES NOT CUT IT. Send this verification request CERTIFIED & RETURN RECEIPT.

If you're getting phone calls to the point of mania- send a Cease/Comm letter to the first address that has a street and NOT a PO box. If you're unable to come up with a street address- try using the one off the internet that comes up the most often and make sure you SEND IT CERTIFIED w/ RETURN RECEIPT!!!

Get ready to record any and all phone calls you get afterwords [they'll only be able to call you one LAST time after 5 days upon your receipt of the RR] take notes and relish the $1000 per infraction "stimulus" you can collect just for them having called.

If they [somehow] refuse to sign the Cert- no worries, that's what the Return Reciept is for- it lets the lawyers know that they got it regardless of their "cutesy" little "no-sign"; set it aside with your recordings and when you've got about 30 days worth of info... Send them a "pleasant-gram" copied to your attorney general and sue those turds right down the flusher.


Sub: #8 well i just started working at ARS and I would love to help any
Wed, 04/21/2010 - 02:18

well i just started working at ARS and I would love to help any angry people out there resolve their problems, im going into this company to make a change in collections, contact me and respond and i would love to help you, cant give u any addresses or promise any upper management contact, but i'll do my best to help u. . .


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Sub: #9 Quote:Originally Posted by AnonymousIt ia not against the law to
Wed, 04/14/2010 - 04:55

Originally Posted by Anonymous
It ia not against the law to contact a third party to leave a message if an attemp as already been made to contact the debtor and home. Before you get upset read the FDCPA laws

whatevs numbnuts.being as this place illegaly threatens everyday and twice on sunday your argument loses steam in a hurry.besides being abusive and threateing to third parties can,and will get this place and others like it sued.go defend bottomfeeders elsewhere.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.


Sub: #10 I am a senior rep at a collection agency and what you are talkin
Tue, 04/13/2010 - 19:24

I am a senior rep at a collection agency and what you are talking about is harrasment. All you need to do is record the conversation. Advise the rep if the calls don't stop you will be reporting it to the Attorney General. Collectors like that give good one( like myself ) a bad name. Also try and understand that alot of phone #'s are recycled. And I know its shocking ...but people do give false info to companies to get credit cards. Its not always the collectors fault.Quote:
Originally Posted by Anonymous
They are calling my home phone (land line). They refused to give me a mailing address so that I could send them a formal complaint and request to remove me from their call list (which, by the way, I am on the National No Call List) and since I did not solicit their phone calls, nor do I have any business dealings with them, aren't they breaking laws just by calling me?
I can't stress how vicious this phone conversation was, how rude, disrespectful and down right abusive it was!!

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