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I just pay DCA the last payment for a loan I had with Money Mart. They are a collection agency and surprisingly enough have been very accomodating to deal with. I did confirm that the money I was sending them was being sent to Money Mart as I touched base with Money Mart to find out about my account balances after each payment. My contact said she will be sending me a full and final tomorrow. Could someone please advise what a full and final should look like and what information it should have in it. Thanks.


Sub: #1 is there an amount of times they can only call you? any legal ad
Wed, 10/06/2010 - 13:19

is there an amount of times they can only call you? any legal advice would be great.


Sub: #2 I have a Lady named cathy that keeps calling me at work. She has
Wed, 10/06/2010 - 13:18

I have a Lady named cathy that keeps calling me at work. She has already almost got me fired! what can i do? I know she will call again soon


Sub: #3 ex employee
Mon, 04/26/2010 - 11:45

Hey every body used to work for these guys and I can tell you they take a lot of shortcuts around the law at this place. Let me start by outlining there business structure at the eglinton office, president is a man name mohsen he has two floor managers one is named delia she deals with money mart accounts and any odd business they are able to snatch up ( other little payday loan business or any one willing to pay to contract out debt collection services), second name to know is patrick he is the cash money payday loan manager, now it is very important to know that they do not buy these debts however they do get them contracted out on a percentage basis for example if the debt is 200$ they might get a 40% comission the other 60% is then given to the originally debtee,(money mart), they also have to answer to the ministry of consumer affairs in ontario every province its own government department they must answer to and this is one of their biggest worries, they hate offiacial complaints and too many of them can get there licencing taken from them, another good recourse is to call the money mart directly and complain not about your debt but about their rudeness (and they will be rude to trust me), but more then that let them know that you are aware of your rights, another gret way to get them off your back is to write a formally letter asking for correspondance through the mail only by writting this letter they will be forced to never phone you again. Using the right verbage with these guys will get them off your back, however it will not make your debt go away. Paying money mart or cash money directly still makes debt control agency money they still get the commission. However if you negotiate with the money mart you may be able to get a lower settlement. Debt collection agency will give you only 25% off the debt maximum where as the actual debtee (money mart) will sometimes go lower, this brings me to there collection strategy it involves baseless threats, the first contact they make with you they will demand that you pay them the entire debt up front othereise they will "proceed" or forward the motion" these are all terms that mean nothing, in fact right now in canada it is not possible for pay day loan places or there collection agencies to sue you over these debts and they are not allowed to threaten it either., If any one mentions court to you or is alluding to any lawsuit or legal action of any kind they could be sued (seriously). Even if you didnt record the phoner mark the time and date of call as they have to record all calls and would be forced to retrieve this call when an official complain is made to the ministry. This is important as they have very inexperienced reps working for them. These new or inexperienced reps will mess up and say things they are not legaly allowed to say ( any legal action, wage garneshment, threats to inform third parties, or organizations are illegal) and will leave themselves liable as well as the company. Most of the reps there dont last more then 2 months due to the high stress nature of the job, and the low collection rates these type of debts have. Another thing to watch out for is there are not licenced for all provincves, ontario and alberta were the only provinces i was licensed for when i worked there (within the last year). Meaning all of the calls to any other proviince would be illegal. they do this knowingly as they are to cheap to provide licencing for all provinces. I could go on and on. So if you have any questions what so ever about this compnay feel free to post it here and ill be sure to answer it.


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Sub: #4 i wouldn't pay them a dime without any docs supporting what they
Sat, 11/28/2009 - 17:38

i wouldn't pay them a dime without any docs supporting what they state.danielle i would use the e-mail address they sent you from,and send a DV can put a receipt on it that shows they opened just as good as if you sent it snail mail certified mail.i agree they are a bottomfeeder.all the more reason not to pay them without proof you owe.the threat of legal action immediately is an old bottomfeeder threat that should be dealt with by a DV letter.

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Sub: #5 none
Sat, 11/28/2009 - 14:08

Originally Posted by danielle-d1
Frustrated...can you tell me more about what you said to Money Mart? I am have the same problem with Debt Control Agency. We order our credit reports regularily, and suddenly in December/06 my husband's showed an outstanding debt to Money Mart. We did have a debt with them several years ago, but it's our understanding that it's been paid in full. I immediately e-mailed Money Mart to find out the details, if it was an oversight on our part then we wanted to get it taken care of, and if it was an error on their part then we wanted it fixed. I received an e-mail from DCA with no info except the amount and demanding we send payment via Western Union within 3 days!!! I e-mailed back and said we have no idea what this is for and requested supporting documentation. He replied that he had sent enough info and if we didn't pay in 2 days they would pursue legal action.
I don't know what to do, I want to see proof that we owe this money before I just pay it! It's almost $500 and we're a single-income family with 2 children, one who has special needs, so it's not like we have $500 to just throw around lol. Would you mind giving me a little more info on what you did? I'm going to try calling Money Mart directly but was very interested to see that you had a similar experience!

Hi I'd just like to say that u should pay off money mart and never use them ever again there a bad company girl!


Sub: #6 mamma
Sat, 11/28/2009 - 13:10

I am being very harrassed by money mart and they've called my mom and my sister and they call me up to 10 times a day its insaine these cash advance companies are no good for anybody I will never ever use money mart again or any related company EVER there horrible and rude and call several times a day like you owe them a million bucks they don't have nothing better to do but harass people my advice is to STAY AWAY FROM MONEY MART!!!!!!


Sub: #7 [QUOTE=;][/QUOTE] I like this site very much.This is such a gre
Tue, 11/17/2009 - 05:53

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Sub: #8 Don't fall prey to them. They tried to get all nasty with me bu
Wed, 08/06/2008 - 13:40

Don't fall prey to them. They tried to get all nasty with me but unfortortunately for them, they didn't know who they were dealing with.

I sent them a validation letter by courier (so to ensure you get a signature by them). Instruct them to cease calling you on the phone immediately. They do HAVE to stop once you request it.

Just so you know, they are absolutely unbearable to deal with but don't ever give in to them as much as they threatened you - there is nothing they can do - and I mean nothing. Debt Control Agency is known to BUY debts therefore not having a leg to stand on if they try and use the scare tactics of taking you to court.

Talk to someone at Money Mart and see what can be worked out - otherwise let DCA keep blowing hot air until they are blue in the face and accept what you are offering them. If they miraculously accept anything, get it in writing and only send them payments via money order through a courier company to ensure you have a 100% proof of record of every dealing with them.

Once again, don't fall prey to them - they take great pleasure in making peoples lives hell. I quickly learnt that and turned the ball on them which they didn't like at all but it sure felt good and they now know I cannot be intimidated let alone screwed over by absurb amounts they claim I owed. Interested how they don't want you contacting Money Mart - it is because they more likely than not purchased the debt from them for a very small amount and is turning it around trying to obtain a larger amount from you stating all these different fees, etc.

Stand strong!


Sub: #9 Debt control agency
Wed, 07/30/2008 - 06:23

I totaly agree with frustrated. I found out i had an outstanding debt with money mart after doing a credit evaluation, and its the only thing left on my credit report that has to be taken care of. I was the one that contacted money mart first and they refered me to the debt control agency. I offered to pay the outstanding debt in payments as money is a little tight right now, and i was refused, and asked to pay the debt in full, so i told delia who they say is a manager there, as i've already tried to go over her head, and they told me that i had to deal with her. So I told her that when i save up the money, only 400 bucks, that I will pay in full, but the phone calls keep comming at all hours of the day, at work etc.
Now she wants me to make payments, go figure, but my payment amounts aren't good enough for her, ad she keeps telling me she's not going to finance my debt, what should I do, i would rather deal with money mart like you.


Sub: #10 I received a call from these people saying they sent me a letter
Fri, 11/30/2007 - 13:08

I received a call from these people saying they sent me a letter. I never received a letter so I asked them to fax it to me. They told me they had to rewrite the letter because they don't keep confidential information like that it's destroyed. Can you believe it! So they rewrote a letter and sent it to me. They will not negotiate any kind of payment with me because they said that Money Mart has asked them to take this to court. Something seems very odd here. The debt is for $300 and I'm willing to pay half now and the remaining half in two weeks. I sent them a letter back requesting this and haven't heard anything yet.

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