18006848429 - Has anyone worked with Household (HSBC) Bank?

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Does anyone know this number 866-402-1044?



Sub: #4 866-402-1044
Mon, 07/21/2008 - 10:31

Answer to above--these are from Discover. I am receiving
calls within minutes of one another. Have asked the person calling to take my name off list. This AM the woman who called said my name would be removed if I would take their card and then I could decide later to keep it---and then no more calls. I just called the number back and I got Discover and reported this. Talking to telemark did not work.


Sub: #5 HSBC addresses
Wed, 04/09/2008 - 16:24

I hope this helps you.
The address i got was:



HSBC address listings (remove the spaces)
householdwatch . com / phonebook / list . php


Sub: #6 constant calls
Fri, 03/07/2008 - 07:16

they call my cell phone several times a day, I do not know the person they are calling for, yet they persist to call, I know how annoying they can be but thats their intention, I foward all missed (which is always HSBC) calls to their home office 1-847-564-5000 and someone actually picks up the phone there no automated system (except after hours)let them keep calling now they can harrass each other :lol:


Sub: #7 i've gotten calls from this number 18006848429 too. i've answer
Fri, 08/24/2007 - 16:33

i've gotten calls from this number 18006848429 too. i've answered, and the person says, "sorry" and hangs up. then when i've called the number back, it just asks for my account number. i have no business with these people, nor do i know where they got my number.


Sub: #8 a hellicopter ride
Thu, 08/09/2007 - 08:03

I had a heart attact and the hospital sent me by hellicopter to another hospitalabout 34 miles away they charged me over $11,000.00 my insurancepaid $1,000.00 . I have been trying to pay them $100.00 a month they are going to turn me over to a collection agenecy. Me and my husband are on social security. What can I do? I can't send them $200.00 a month.


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Sub: #9 Contact the bank directly in writing stating that you are not th
Sun, 07/08/2007 - 08:38

Contact the bank directly in writing stating that you are not the intended consumer they are looking for and demand that they no longer contact you. If they do not wish to listen to this letter,contact your local police and file a harassment complaint.

Keeping an eye out for consumers.
Use this letter to protect your rights under the FDCPA
myfairdebt.com & myfaircredit.com-Good source of case law in forums.


Sub: #10 1 800 684 8429
Sun, 07/08/2007 - 07:44

I get calls from them too. I talked to someone and told them the guy didn't live here but they keep calling.
So now what do I do? This is crazy all they have to do is check my number to see their is no Plilip living here.

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