SSM Group LLC - Are they legitimate?

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Does anyone have any information about them? Fax? Email?

I've tried the following information but the faxes are coming back as busy and I'm not getting a response with this email address.

Fax #1: 1-866-463-9412
Fax #2: 1-866-264-9532

Please help!


Sub: #1 you are dumb first of all the company is not legit if it was the
Thu, 11/08/2012 - 11:58

you are dumb first of all the company is not legit if it was then why you cannot get in contact with them you probably is the one who is working for them and want everyones money too the company is not real they hack into other peoples account and fool them and when you pay them back they claim that you still owe them i paid them back for my husband and why can i not get the phone number to the company if these people work for them


Sub: #2 mrs
Thu, 11/08/2012 - 11:36

i am having the same problems only now i already paid my debt so now they are still calling trying to get more money from me stating that i still owe them more money they constantly change their numbers saying that they are going to take my husband to jail they will not give me a telephone number to the company they are calling me crazy and among other things this loan came through abc loans and then went through ssm group then through lawyers offices i told them that they do not need to call me anylonger or i am going to take them to court


Sub: #3 thank you we have the same problem
Wed, 09/12/2012 - 13:49

Thank you for your story on here my husband is having the same problem but thing is he didn't apply for anything and he also receives phone calls at his job to part back and etc. even threatened jail with him also. We had no idea it was a scam until his boss looked up their name on google. But your story puts ease to our thoughts thanks!


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Sub: #4 Sounds a little fishy to me?
Wed, 08/29/2012 - 08:12

Sounds a little fishy to me?


Sub: #5 Indeed, clicking ok is your electronic signature. But what I wa
Wed, 08/29/2012 - 07:28

Indeed, clicking ok is your electronic signature.

But what I wanted to add is this:
I have used SSM group for a payday loan more than once. I was only on this site to try and find the phone number b/c I lost it. All these negative comments have made me nervous that this is the wrong SSM group b/c I had no problem with them.

The only negative I had was this: I was not able to pay them back right away so I spent a couple months having to pay the interest every two weeks until I could pay some of the balance off. I don't remember the exact amounts but lets say i borrowed $200 and had to pay back $250 total. I didn't have the full 250 at once to pay them, so i just kept letting them take the $50 out of my account every two weeks until I had all or more to give (I could have also paid the 50 plus a little extra toward the balance, for example if I had paid 150 they would have taken $100 off the balance....but I chose not to b/c I live down the the last penny each week). So if u pay them right off in one shot its not bad for interest, if you don't it can be ridiculously expensive, BUT THEY TOLD ME HOW IT WORKED WHEN I CALLED THEM AND ASKED. They probably rely on people like me not being able to pay them right away to make their money, but they never misled me about how it works. That's just the way to run the business. So if this is the same SSM that I used, my suggestion to you is do not use it unless you can pay the full amount back in two weeks or you will end up paying a lot if interest charges.

also fyi any time I called them for anything they answered the phone (as long as it was during business hours...remember times zones too guys!!) and when I paid them off they didnt give me any trouble or try to contact me again.


Sub: #6 scammers need to be closed up!!
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 19:44

Id have to say, this company is a scam!! i took out a loan back in 2010, for $200, they started debiting my account for the fees, every so many days, then my account had overdrawn from these people, by hundreds of dollars, ! I closed my account! But last summer, was the worst year of my life, these collectors from this company called my home and work, harrassing me and threatening me to arrest me, by 3pm, if i didnt send a $ order for 500, ! they were looking for $8000, imagine?! The guys were india speaking, claiming they were officers of the law, , he said he was "officer James,!! I hope hes stuck his head a in hole where he came from!! After making me so paranoid last year , if they ever came to my door, theyd have a suprise of their life/!! Especailly at my work place,! I work with the elderly, that would really give them a stroke,!! They started calling me last week stating they wer e going to summons me to court,! Now theyve said i borrowed $370 and i only borrwed 200!! They wont get anything from me, ! THe attorney general is working on this , hopefully will put these scammers:p:confused: away! Ive never received any legit papers in the mail all this time, so you know its flas,!! They can kiss my ass!! After what theyve put me through!! Think twice before taking out a cash loan off the internet!! Julie baldwin anyone can email me if you have anything to offer me about this company, try and put them out of business!!

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Sub: #7 I had them put 200 in my account too I don't know where they got
Mon, 11/07/2011 - 14:40

I had them put 200 in my account too I don't know where they got my info.I am working with my bank to get them to stop taking 60 out every two weeks


Sub: #8 River Elk Services/SSM Group LLC
Tue, 07/05/2011 - 14:58

Has anyone filed complaints against these leeches? There has to be something that can be done when fraudulent loan companies like this deposit money into your account without your approval and especially without asking to show certain documents, such as a paycheck stub, BEFORE issuing a loan.

I applied for a $200 loan but never followed through since I wasn't able to provide proof of employment with a paycheck stub. So, when I wound up with $200 in my account from a company with a name I didn't even recognize, this through me for a loop. They never phoned me or anything to let me know that they were making a deposit. I've phoned them numerous times and sent emails regarding this but they never return my calls and refuse to respond to my emails.

A few weeks later, I began receiving harassing phone calls from a place in CA claiming to be a legal service with a bunch of Indian people (their accents were a dead give-away). These scam artists falsely accused me of taking out a loan last year (which was impossible because I didn't have an account at the time).

I've been informed that what RIver Elk Services is doing is illegal and its necessary to file complaints against them with FTC.


Sub: #9 lady b
Wed, 06/22/2011 - 10:43

OMG! Are you serious? I just applied for a loan and within minutes they said i was approved and and the funds will be deposited immediately i never singed any documents. As a matter of fact i cant find the documents or website for that matter. What did i get myself into?


Sub: #10 Money
Tue, 06/21/2011 - 14:25

These guys deposited money into my account and I was not sure who they were.. I was able to get into contact with someone immediately and they took the money out of my account.. I have not heard of them since..:D

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