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Wesern Sky/Cash Call/Delbert Services

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Delbert Services is now trying to collect for an illegal Western Sky loan being serviced by Cash Call. I have paid over $1,100 over the principal amount and have been battling with CC since August 2012. They claim I still owe over $2,500 in principal and have passed it off to their in-house collection agency Delbert who is now asking for over $4,100. I need a very strongly worded letter to reply to Delbert Services' dunning letter. They know I dispute it, CC knows I dispute it and WS knows I dispute it. I already have complaints filed with every agency regarding this illegal loan and CC reporting it on my credit report. So I guess I will now be filing complaints against Delbert for trying to collect on an illegal tribal loan that has more than been paid back. If anyone can help me with a response to Delbert's initial correspondence, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


Sub: #1 Western Sky /Cash Call
Thu, 02/21/2013 - 09:07

I sent them a C&D letter when I learned it was an illegal tribal loan and I haven't heard back from them . they will eventually put a collection notice on your Credit report however if you write the bureaus and let them know this is an illegal tribal loan , at least for me they have removed it from my report . I just found out it was back on there after a year so I have been advised to write them and threaten legal action and to have them remove immediately

Debt Samaritan
Posts: 360
Credits: 4665.25

Sub: #2 I have disputed CashCall's
Thu, 02/21/2013 - 13:58

I have disputed CashCall's reporting of this illegal loan several times but it remains on there. Do you have a sample of the language you used that was successful in getting the bureaus to remove the illegal loan. They have been absolutely hard to shake. I was able to clear up my other loans and have any negative information removed completely -- this is the only one that remains and I have tried just about everything to bump them off from reporting this illegal's like they have my credit report

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