866-731-8618 n other Phone Numbers

I found this site/information on the web and thought it would help, you guys have helped me so much thanks.

    201-373-8322 Dial America (Telemarketer)
    407-771-0887 Card Services
    505-797-6327 Citibank/Citicards
    505-797-6333 Citibank/Citicards
    201-578-0952 Citibank
    800-359-0751 Douglas R. Burgess Law Offices, LLC aka "Burgess Law Offices, LLC
    800-976-0898 Douglas R. Burgess Law Offices, LLC aka "Burgess Law Offices, LLC
    716-839-9270 Douglas R. Burgess Law Offices, LLC aka "Burgess Law Offices, LLC
    936-559-2200 Effective Teleservices
    800-809-5986 USA Benefits
    877-564-7738 Route 66 Funding
    866-900-7694 Bass & Associates
    877-281-2220 Bass & Associates
    866-808-8888 Auto Dialer
    800-297-8359 Washington Mutual Card Services
    800-230-3266 One Click Cash
    866-355-7308 Arrowhead investments
    800-859-6439 Westbury Ventures d/b/a VC Funding
    800-925-6142 National Enterprise Systems
    800-677-4576 HFC Financial/Beneficial/HSBC/Household Bank
    614-729-5605 World Financial Network National Bank
    303-255-5354 World Financial Network National Bank
    786-437-6939 Aspire Visa Card Services
    248-605-0943 Asset Acceptance
    813-793-7608 Asset Acceptance
    613-226-4730 Home Based Business Contact
    800-964-7365 American Express
    877-354-8148 American Express
    877-372-4388 Direct TV
    888-778-8213 SouthWest Credit
    320-534-4314 J.C. Christianson and Associates
    888-920-0620 Debt Collector of some sort
    866-296-0635 portfolio recovery associates (junk debt collections)
    866-828-3072 Franklin Collection Agency
    602-713-4343 University of Phoenix/APPOLLO GROUP
    800-706-3401 Financial Credit Services
    800-249-7442 ARS National
    800-446-1022 HSBC Card Services
    801-618-2021 Pacific Crest Research
    800-542-1048 National Credit Adjusters. (junk debt buyers)
    866-728-3760 ADCC (collection agency)
    978-687-0827 Valentine & Kebartas, Inc
    978-975-0799 Valentine & Kebartas, Inc
    978-686-2255 Zwicker & Associates, P.C
    877-219-0853 Capital Management
    702 699-7915 Hilton Grand Vacations Company
    407-444-1995 is Wells Fargo Auto Finance. 312-385-1158 (Auto dialer)
    877- 372-4388 Direct TV
    800- 925-6140 National Enterprise System
    800-395-3489 HSBC Mortgage Services
    800-457-3987 Encore Recievable Management
    888-909-3586 Atlantic Palace Promotions
    651-379-0995 Advantage debt consolidation
    888-568-0073 Calvary Portfolio Services
    888-845-0146 Calvary Portfolio Services
    800-724-1757 Calvary Portfolio Services
    800-429-0535 Calvary Portfolio Services
    877-222-8257 Calvary Portfolio Services
    888-719-4795 General Revenues
    727-491-0135 KVIS Financial Services
    800-527-3369 JC Penney Credit Services
    800-440-5869 World Wide Cash Now (IPDL Co.)
    847-410-8080 Van Ru Credit Corporation
    800 468-2678 Van Ru Credit Corporation
    720-974-0386 Truelogic Financial Corporation
    478-464-2001 Geico
    800-684-8429 Card Services
    800-436-5290 GRC
    800-835-9313 National Credit Adjusters
    620-665-7708 National Credit Adjusters
    800-542-1048 National Credit Adjusters
    620-664-6192 National Credit Adjusters
    800-835-9313 National Credit Adjusters
    866-266-6277 United American Technologies
    888-274-0160 Target Card
    800-236-7478 National Enterprise Systems
    866-776-8221 NCO a collection agency
    877-373-5807 NCO
    877-899-0192 NCO
    800-897-5276 Boyajian Law Offices (debt collectors}
    800-793-2350 Boyajian Law Offices (debt collectors
    800-327-8463 Ver-a-Fast
    616-980-2279 Ver-a-Fast
    319-274-1904 cbe group Inc
    800-455-8026 CCA - Collection Company of America. They are a collection agency
    888-479-7225 This is a company that does follow-up surveys for people who recently visited a car dealership (purchased or serviced a car there
    866-779-8954 Franklin Collection Agency
    205-313-2787 NATIONAL DATA (telemarketing firm)
    866-250-8531 Alliance One (collection agency
    800-964-7365 American Express
    866-731-8618 Online Pharmacy
    800-783-4936 Midland Companies
    614-729-5605 World Financial Network National Bank
    866-979-5100 Collection Agency possibly for a payday loan company called US Nat'l Bank
    727-528-7129 Capital Financial
    877-281-2220 Bass & Assoc collection agency
    866-979-5100 US National Bank (They are the bank that does loans for IPDL companies
    202-552-1964 Allied International Credit
    319-274-1902 Collection Agency C B E Group
    800-591-1361 National Debt Center (Associated with Hess & Kennedy
    800-955-6600 Capital One
    904-861-3207 Foundation Financial Group
    866-731-8618 Healthcare Providers
    877-363-0311 R C Corporation aka Checkmate (payday loan co.
    888-500-4755 Collection Agency
    800-891-1453 Buckeye Equity


Sub: #1 I'm sick and tired of these people calling and hanging up all ho
Thu, 01/21/2010 - 05:33

I'm sick and tired of these people calling and hanging up all hours of the night and day.

Here are two more numbers they call from

301 882 9922

800 289 3355

704 970 1936

This people have no respect what so ever. I'm sick and tired. They keep harrassing me morning noon and night.

This has got to stop


Sub: #2 getgettr
Tue, 12/09/2008 - 03:17



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Sub: #3 You might have to send them a C&D letter. If these are to your
Wed, 10/29/2008 - 09:36

You might have to send them a C&D letter. If these are to your cell phone then explain to them that any calls after receipt of your C&D will cost them $500 per phone call under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).


Sub: #4 866-553-4185
Wed, 10/29/2008 - 08:48

Another # for Burgess Law Office
Trying to collect from a party that does not live here and never has, I have had this current phone # for several years and this company cals and calls and calls.....they do not listen when you tell them the party they are asking for does not and has never lived here.


Sub: #5 866-553-4185
Wed, 09/17/2008 - 09:04

I am getting calls from 866-553-4185 almost everyday.. I have filed with the FCC but they are still calling. any other info besides what has been provided so far.

I ahve read 800notes.com also but would like to hear other thoughts :)

Debt Samaritan
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Sub: #6 866-731-8618
Wed, 09/17/2008 - 09:02

WOW........SOOO many numbers for the SAME person. Burgess.....................this is a name that I get when I get calls sometimes. I SHOULD say, the female on the phone says she is a " rp of Burgess and he needs to talk to me ASAP." They keep asking me to "verify this and that." Yeah...right. Sounds like a scam to me.


Sub: #7 866-553-4185
Wed, 09/17/2008 - 08:43

I am getting calls form this # every day and every other day. I have filed with the FCC and nothing.. Any more info on this # besides what was provided at the top..

Thanks for this site


Sub: #8 Scam Number 866-731-8618 on your CC List
Tue, 04/08/2008 - 05:15

800-964-7365 American Express
Is not AMEX but a Collection Agency Miss Representing themselves as AMEX

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Sub: #9 866-731-8618
Sat, 02/23/2008 - 15:59

Thank you for the list of numbers I am sure that they will come in useful to alot of the members here. You should register and become part of our community, I am sure that you would be a great assett to the forum, please consider joining, if you have already, welcome aboard.


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Sat, 02/23/2008 - 15:24


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