United Legal Investigation They called and harassed

I was called at work by a local number. I did not recognize the number so I didn't answer. The number then popped up 2 more times within 5 minutes. I saw that I had a voicemail message, and when I checked it it was someone named 'Officer' Shawn Williams stating that he was calling from United Legal Investigative Department and that he needed to speak with me or he was going to contact my manager at work regarding a debt that was owed. Keep in mind he was saying this on my recorded voicemail, which I am sure is a violation of the fdcpa. Before I could even finish listening to the message, they were calling me back again. I picked up the phone, the man asked who he was speaking with and when I identified myself, he started rattling off my social security number and then asked me to verify. I told him that I would speak to him, but I was at work and he needed to call me at a different number (I gave him my cell phone number) and told him it would have to be after 5pm CST. He hung up the phone, then called right back and told me that he wanted to speak to me now, not at my convenience, and I needed to get this cleared up before noon today or he would send the police to my place of business to arrest me. He said that we were speaking on a recorded line that was connected to the courts. I asked him which court, he refused to tell me and kept threatening that I need to worry about paying this debt and not worry about which court it was. I asked him for the name of the original creditor, he would not tell me. He told me that I could 'settle out of court' for $1,094, I asked him to give me a fax number or mailing address so that I could put all of this in writing, he refused to do so. I did a reverse number look up and found an address for United Legal Investigative Dept in Kansas City, MO, I asked if this was correct, and he said 'NO we are based in California', although the number he was calling me from has a Houston TX area code. When I continued to ask for a fax number, he put me on hold to find a 'senior officer'. After being on hold for several minutes I finally hung up, they called me right back and this 'senior officer' was just as belligerent as the first and refused to give me any means to contact them in writing. He basically told me that he didn't care if I told them not to contact me until after 5 pm, and that I needed to take care of this. He said there are 3 outstanding federal charges against me and he named them. I told them I would no longer speak with them by phone if they could not provide me with a means to contact them in writing, since they were badgering & threatening me at my place of employment. Then they hung up on me.

They just called me back 4 more times. When I answered, I told them AGAIN that this was an inconvenient time/place to discuss this & to call me at the number and time that I asked. He said 'If you hang up on me one more time your Social Security Number is going to be blocked!' I asked him to explain what that meant, he said 'That's my problem, not yours.'

I have filed complaints with the Attorney Generals Offices in California, Texas, and Missouri as well as with the Federal Trade Commission. This is insane and they are breaking multiple FDCPA regulations.


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Sub: #2 I Know more than happy to find this web-site.
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Sub: #3 I was pleased to search out this web-site.
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Sub: #4 Threats that can kill!
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 10:26

This man that is calling and leaving threats on my 12 yr old daughter's cell phone is really upsetting me, he states hes from the Federal Crimes Investigation Dept. and threaten me with my name and my husbands ss# that if we didn't pay we would have to pay the price and its BIG and I just don't know what to do about these threats anymore. If we owe thats our business and we will pay however we can and that's between the collector and us not a man from another country that thinks he can call and threaten us as if were criminals. Deeply distraught and tired. The Delgado Family


Sub: #5 United Investigation called and harassed
Wed, 01/26/2011 - 11:51

.I received a call like this from the #412-879-0284, he identified himself as Officer Harry Lawrence from United Investigation. A strong Indian Accent, asking for a person which doesn't live in my household, but tried to get more information about me, unsuccessful. I told him to give me his identification number and department number, since this is a recorded conversation, and that everything he will say, will be used against him. He said, that I should do what I want and hung up!!! ;)) I did save a recorded message and I do have family in Law enforcement


Sub: #6 payment
Wed, 01/05/2011 - 08:04

Stop payment on everything. This is a scam!!!!!!!!!! We are a business in grand rapids, mi and we are having the local police handle this matter.


Sub: #7 shaun marsh
Fri, 12/10/2010 - 12:33

i just finished setting up a payment with him today. what should i do now?


Sub: #8 getting calls from 732-455-2935
Fri, 11/19/2010 - 09:31

I have been getting calls for a week now from some "officer shaun marsh" he has a super heavy accent and keeps saying i am going to lose everything i own if i do not pay a debt to them i try calling him back and everytime the phone is disconnected or a message says "all circuits are busy" he continues to call even thought my "deadline" with him to resolve this issue expired on friday of last week (according to him) he keep s calling my job and i have told several of my co-workers to please tell him to make any personal calls on my celll phone and not wrok number, i have saved all 12 voicemails i have gotten from him and since i work for 10 attorneys we are working on setting him straight


Sub: #9 this is a scam beware they called me last week from different nu
Wed, 04/21/2010 - 07:03

this is a scam beware they called me last week from different number they are of thick indian or pakistan acient they said they were with some legal criminal complaint office they said i owed money to some payday loan but wouldn't tell me the name of company but they could sure tell me the money they wanted they wanted all bank info said i needed to do it today i know i owe one loan company but am not behind with them this is a scam though beware they started calling me back in october told me colorado i called court house in the city he said they had never heard of an attorney or paralegal by the name of mark johnson kansan attorney general is warning people of this scam they threatened to come arrest me at work well they don't arrest you for civil matters only if u have major crime against u or bad checks so bewareQuote:
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I am a resident of Indiana, I received a call from someone claiming to be calling from United Legal Investigations calling himself Officer Peter with a Oriental accent. He left me a message that was time sensitive, and I was under an investigation, and I had better contact him. How should I handle this, I have not called back. The caller ID was +052173896, but the number he left was a 800 number. Again, I ask how should I handle this? :evil: :evil: :evil:


Sub: #10 Just called my local FBI office about these clowns. I was the 2n
Tue, 04/06/2010 - 13:22

Just called my local FBI office about these clowns. I was the 2nd person in my area that has called about them today.

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