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I got a call from a guy today, named harvey from spillman and spillman. They said they got my file from Titan Group LLC, a payday loan that ive defaulted on 2 months ago. He said he was sending a warrant for me to be picked up at work tomarrow. I never raised my voice once, but at first he was nice with me because I said I'd try and get the money. After letting my daughters dad know about the call... (his dad is attorney, and he is in law school) He said that there is SO WAY that there is any truth to this. Ask them to fax a copy of the information they have. I called and asked... and then he got rude, calling me a loser and such. My daughters dad spoke with him, and they arnt even a law office. He said they were "mediators" said that for a warrant even to be placed, a judge needs to sign it.
I obviously didnt default on purpose... I had my car break down and couldnt make ends meet. Of course this is my own fault... but I wanted to know if anyone had any info on this spillman group? Or had this problem with Titan group? I cant even find a phone number for them.
My loan was for $200, and they wanted me to pay $430 and change today.


Sub: #1 Provenance titian
Tue, 10/09/2012 - 14:21

They called me from 855-5172432. Telling me they are going has me arrested. They called my family house and everything. I called them back and told them I am going to have them arrested. They hung up on me. They are scare because they have your information. But they can get your information off the Internet.


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Sub: #2 This is a SCAM. Do not pay them a cent.
Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:17

This is a SCAM. Do not pay them a cent.

Is my payday lender illegal in my state?

How to deal with illegal lenders, courtesy of OhioGal

How to write a proper debt validation request, courtesy of SOAPLADY

How to deal with a Collection agency contacting you for PDLs


Sub: #3 G&A
Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:44

i had a call from this company called G&A and they said that i had this outstanding balance.. me as well will pay cuz i no i did it. but i did pay on bout 7-8 of them cuz i was scared as well i didnt wanna go to jail. or get arrested and have this on my record. i do no wrong. i will pay but i need proof. they sent me sumthin and it does not look legit AT ALL!! wtheck am i to do now? i obviously cant afford it or even a lawyer. i had paid them 7-8 things that called 3 of i no FOR SURE i owe cuz i only did 3 loans.. but not dat dam many.. i wouldnt do it i knew i couldnt pay it back.. this stuff is so annoying and stressful!!!

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Sub: #4 Titan group=scam
Fri, 10/28/2011 - 19:37

They are a scam, they called me today at work! Asking to verify my information to finish processing my loan for $300. I've never-ever applied for anything like that in my life. I researched Titan and they're a payday loan company, which I've never reached out to. This was the convo:

Rep: I'm just processing your app and need to verify your information for security
Me: I've never applied for anything like this, who are you
Rep: We process loans for nine 3rd party companies and I don't get all your personal info
Me: That's really shady! You don't know who you're processing info for, who's using my information fraudulently
Rep: you can contact us about concerns 877-891-9021 and I'll immediately withdrawl your application

My question is, how the hell did someone get my work number! I posted this on another thread, spread the word and hopefully these people will get caught. Pathetic people now a days.

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Sub: #5 TITANS GROUP LLC- I need help
Sun, 08/14/2011 - 18:39

I made a mistake of borrowing money from this company. My loan is 300 and For 4 months now they have been taking away $90 bi-weekly. I have been trying to contact them to pay the principal but they are not answering they keep forwarding me they say to the right department and end up hanging up the call.
I live in Maryland, I am planning to close my bank account but I am afraid from what I have read from forums they will contact your employer and harass you Im very anxious about impending threats I am willing to pay the amount but I really do not know what's the right thing to do because they are not accepting the money.


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Sub: #6 send them this
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 14:53

send an FOAD letter to the address on the letter.you have the PIF and titan is an illegal pdl anyway so send the letter certified mail return receipt.

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Sub: #7 Titan Group LLC latest gimmick
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 14:34

I received a letter today from Lukehart & Associates, P.C. According to this letter, my account has been referred to them for collection of $471.78. The letter reads that the original creditor is Titan Group, LLC. It further reads that their client (Titan Group LLC) indicates that they have a valid claim against me which is seriously delinquent. The problem is, I paid this debt back in January of this year. I have a letter proving that the debt is paid in full. Also, after I paid the debt, the harrassing phone calls stopped. Then, all of a sudden, they started again in April. First my cell phone, then my job. When I told the foreign speaking "officer" what bus stop to get off at, he left me alone. Now, I get this letter.


Sub: #8 titan group contact number
Thu, 06/16/2011 - 19:57



Sub: #9 Something tells me they are outsourced over-seas. They all had s
Mon, 06/13/2011 - 12:45

Something tells me they are outsourced over-seas. They all had some sort of indian accents and claimed to have American names. Lies. They sit on a throne of lies!


Sub: #10 They are scammers
Mon, 06/13/2011 - 12:37

Well, after taking out a loan for 200, we refinanced and then faxed them in writing instructions to pay off in full, as the instructions state. It took weeks and weeks and still they never took the money out of our account to pay this loan off. I have received at least 3 voicemails on my phone (indian accents of some sort with american names??? LIARS) Anyhow, they tell me I am being sued for charges due to NOT paying my loan. And 1 included fraud. They wanted me to pay almost $1000 due to "interest" and "penalties" and what not. Whatever. I attempted to pay the loan off and it shouldn't be my problem that someone there made a mistake. Then when I got even more irate and made it clear how I did NOTHING wrong he said he needed me to hold on so he could speak to "his attorney" LOL who just happened to be sitting right next to him????? They weren't speaking ENGLISH!!!! Then the amount went down to 645, and i stood my ground and said I'm not paying more than what my loan was supposed to be (200). He said I had to pay it today and only credit card/debit card. hmmmm. Went home on my lunch break checked my bank statement and Titan Group, LLC. had taken $200 from my bank account on 6/3/11. DO NOT TRUST THEM, they are trying some sort of scam. These things are bad news anyways. Stay away!

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