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Pressler and Pressler - How to fight with them regarding an old debt

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Pressler and Pressler is a collection agency (CA) based in Parsipanny, New Jersey. They are a law firm that collects old debts from consumers. For most consumers, the experience of dealing with this CA has not been very pleasant. Given below are a few such experiences shared by the guests and members of the DebtCC community.

What are the complaints against Pressler and Pressler law firm?

A majority of the people are dissatisfied with Pressler and Pressler because of the bitter experience they have had while dealing with this collection agency. As per consumer feedback, this law firm does not seem to be very popular among consumers for a variety of reasons. The complaints against this firm are as follows:

Should you pay Pressler and Pressler for an old debt?

When the collection agency contacts you and claims that you owe them an old debt, you may think "Should i pay pressler and pressler for a claimed debt?". Well, you should not, until and unless they validate it. When they contact you, the first thing you should do is, ask them to validate the debt they are trying to collect. There would be two possible scenarios – either they will provide you with proof to validate the debt or they will refuse to validate. Check out the following points to know what you can do in each of these situations:

How to fight Pressler and Pressler in NJ

If the collection agency tries to collect from you illegally and violates the debt collection laws you can file a complaint against them with the FTC, State Attorney General's office and the BBB. You can also take legal action against them for harassing you. However, before you take any action against them, it is important that you are aware of your rights under the FDCPA. Check out the following FDCPA rules that can protect you from harassment by the CA:

If you need to contact the CA, you can use the following contact information:

Address for Pressler and Pressler collection agency:

7, Entin Rd., Parsippany, NJ – 07054-9944
Phone number: 973-753-5100
Fax number: 973-753-5353

Sub: Pressler and Pressler - How to fight with them regarding an old debt
Thu, 07/08/2008 02:46

This law firm called Pressler & Pressler break the law repeatedly to collect money from you and no one does anything about it. From day one they break the law by telling you that you can be arrested for not paying a debt. When I got the letter stating this I ignored it because even when I didn't understand my rights I knew I could not be arrested for it. For a debt I never had? Who ever heard of such a thing. I thought they were complete frauds. Come to find out they are frauds but they operate in the open. It's a legal scam and they prey on people hoping that you DO NOT KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS. They take you to court saying that you owe them money and you HAVE TO GO and ask for them to validate the debt. 9 out ten times they can't. But you have to waste your time proving this. THIS IS SO OBSCENE on every level. They don't even care if they got the right person, they just want the money. But I've learned how to stop Pressler and Pressler scam.

Google: Reporter Exposes NJ Debt Collector Pressler & Pressler
(Channel 9 news did a story on them)

Google: Defeat Pressler and Pressler
(sign this petition)

(This guy is waging a war on them and he needs our support)

(Put their name in and read the obvious lack of regard for the law)

When you get that letter immediately send a debt validation letter to them. Keep the letter as evidence and contact the FTC, BBB, NJ AG and the NJ Bar. Report them to every place you can like here and If you are hauled into court GO and bring your letter they sent to you breaking the law. Enough people complain something will be done. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED. You thought Hess Kennedy was bad, this one just boggles my mind. This is clearly ABUSE OF POWER AND SCAMMING THE CONSUMER It's too late for me but I hope this helps others.

I am going to make it my mission to exposed these people at every turn possible.

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Sub: #1 P & PWed, 12/12/2012 - 10:59

P & P sent me a letter stating I need owe over 3K and I requested a validation letter back in July 2012. On Saturday, December 8, 2012 I received a certified letter informing me that I am being sued by P& P. In this package had a signed letter stating the amount I owed the credit card company, but nothing in regards to my validation request. Basically, questions for me to answer for what will prevent me from repaying the loan. Ex. auto accident etc.


Sub: #2 we all have rights when it comes to debtTue, 11/27/2012 - 20:47

If you are having trouble or are being harassed by these people, please go on to this website htt p:// because there is so much important information regarding your rights. Most of the debt they are trying to collect is not theirs to collect. You have the right to insist that they prove the that. Please read the information listed on this will help!


Sub: #3 Isn't that a conflict of interest?Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:43

Isn't that a conflict of interest?


Sub: #4 how you can stop Pressler's fraudSat, 10/13/2012 - 12:20

PLEASE read this: https://p
AND please file a complaint at, as suggested directly by FBI AND NY State Attorney General! the more complaints received, the more this is bumped up to priority by federal prosecutors. there is already NY State Atty General action against Pressler & Pressler!

this company is a fraud, committing fraud & Sheldon & Lee Pressler run the town they're in PLUS Sheldon's on Special Civil Judicial committtee in NJ where he primarily files law suits, so it's a conflict of interest!! they're also in violation of RICO act as they're opening offices to further their "legal" blackmail and extortion.

and because Pressler's judgements are on credit reports, finding more of their victims of their scam won't be hard, they can simply be pulled from all three credit reporting agencies


Debt Samaritan
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Sub: #5 Quote:I asked them over the phone for prrof that they purchasedThu, 12/08/2011 - 21:17

I asked them over the phone for prrof that they purchased the debt and they blew it off and stated they didnt have to show me anything. Help!!!

Debt validation per the FDCPA needs to be done IN WRITING!! They do not have to honor a verbal request.

How to Deal with Illegal Loans..OhioGal's Primer
PDL's are ILLEGAL in the following states...
OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

SOL for all states

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Sub: #6 we need more info here, but broadly speaking if you have been paThu, 12/08/2011 - 19:17

we need more info here, but broadly speaking if you have been paying for a year then the time to request validation has long since past. is there another company trying to collect on it?

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Sub: #7 Help!!!Thu, 12/08/2011 - 10:59

Please someone help me find the right direction. I got into credit card trouble while in college and Pand P are after me the same as everyone on this site. Please someone give me direction in plain English. I appatrently owe them a little over 3k and have been paying for about a year now. (stupid). I asked them over the phone for prrof that they purchased the debt and they blew it off and stated they didnt have to show me anything. Help!!!


Sub: #8 There's a reason P&P can't be stopped.Mon, 07/11/2011 - 07:14

There's are reasons that Pressler & Pressler can't be stopped and are allowed to spin out of control the way they do. Here they are:

Sheldon H. Pressler, owner of Pressler & Pressler has been an appointee to the Committee of the Special Civil Part (which handles the rules governing the courts) for over 20 years. He's the president of the Bar of the Special Civil Part (a group of attorneys who sue people, and which oversees the judges), he's the attorney for the New Jersey Association of Collection Agencies, he's member of the New Jersey State Bar Association Special Civil Part Committee, and he's a member of the Consumer Credit Association of New York and the Commercial Law League of America.

As such, he and his company run rughshod with carte blanche over the average person. Standing up to someone who oversees the judges is a daunting task. How can you possibly win against someone who is on the committee that can make a decision on whether or not a judge keeps the job he or she has got?

The fox is guarding the hen house, here, and it seems that Pressler and his firm are untouchable.

That's why it's time to write your Senators and Congressmen and have him removed from any position of authority over the courts and/or laws of the State of New Jersey so long as his firm continues to practice in those same fields - it's a blatant conflict of interest.


Sub: #9 Pressler and PresslerSun, 06/05/2011 - 23:26

I, too, need help dealing with this situation. I wasn't even aware I was getting sued, since I had been out of town for a few months dealing with different deaths in my family. I returned a few days ago and saw that one of my accounts had been garnished. Since I had no knowledge I was being sued, a judgment was entered against me in default. I need some type of guidance on what to do. Can I get the money back? What steps do I need to take in this instance? Will anyone take on the case so I can fight back?


Sub: #10 Possible Class ActionSat, 05/28/2011 - 22:52

I understand they are a party to fraud.
I'm an advocate for the elderly and disabled.
I'm an inactive member of numerous social clubs.
We are a group of lawyers and PHD'S who
understand that serious violations of federal law have
been committed. We are interested in punative damages in order to continue our cause.
If you are a leader in government you need to contact the
mayor of their municipality, The mayor of the municipality where you believe the fraud occurred.
We want all names of real individuals in order to serve subpoena. I believe pressler is not actually licenced or insured. They are simply a ruthless debt consolidator.
I have seen real bills of persons who had insurance coverage. They are only entitled to accept insurance payment according to customary and not inflated rates.
Their clients bill, for instance, $2000 for a band aid that Aetna paid them $91. Being that they were paid the
customary contractual obligation, they are entitled to no more. They are liable for
Intimidation, Discrimination and violation of the Fair Credit Reporting act.

If you have any serious information contact [email][/email ]


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