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Monarch recovery collection agency – Are they good to work with?


Sub: Monarch recovery collection agency – Are they good to work with?
Fri, 30/04/2010 10:51

I called them up because i have a citibank card that i had not paid in about 10 months. I offered a 50% settlement and they wanted 66%, i countered for 55% and they accepted it. I know they are the collection agency because i was given their number by citi and they had all of my info when i just gave them my name. I can pay this, but am wondering if I should wait them out and get a better deal when the account is sold to another agency. The rep told me the account was placed in their company in February of this year. The balance on the account is $21,000

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Sub: #1 pnvjsa@gmail.comThu, 12/13/2012 - 00:24

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Sub: #2 Absolutely NOT!Tue, 06/21/2011 - 13:23

First of all, the company was formerly known as Academy Collections. They broke so many laws, lied to and stole from so many people that they were sued by the FTC. They settled for $2.25 million, then changed their name. Changing the name of a company does not change the company.

Second, they are not even BBB accredited. In order for a company to become BBB accredited they must meet the following standards:
1. Build Trust
2. Advertise Honestly
3. Tell the Truth
4. Be Transparent
5. Honor Promises
6. Be Responsive
7. Safeguard Privacy
8. Embody Integrity

There is more to read at: http://www.bbb .org/us/bbb-accreditation-standards/

These are simple standards that any decent company can attain, and thousands do without any effort. Why can't Monarch Recovery?

Make them validate everything. And then when they can't send them a cease communication letter. File complaints with the FTC and BBB.


Sub: #3 People do not believe these "replies"Wed, 06/01/2011 - 08:55

Monarch Recovery is a debt collection agency that violates the law.
They have been fined and brought to court by the FTC.
They use numerous names to attempt to get out of abiding by the Fair Credit Act.
The responses on here are from employees of Monarch. They are trying to fool you into thinking they are legit and to pay them money.
report them to the FTC and send a simple cease and desist letter to what ever name they use this week.
Google cease and desist. You will find a free simple template letter to use.. Type it or write it out. Put your name in it. Google Monarch and get their newest name and address. Mail it! done!:rolleyes:


Sub: #4 I used to be judgmental too!!Thu, 03/31/2011 - 14:14

Not to many years ago I had the same judgmental, unsympathetic attitude that you do. As a college graduate, a graduate school graduate and having a banking background I never thought hard times would hit me and that my credit would be destroyed. I was obnoxiously prideful about my wonderful credit score to the point that I would look down my nose at those who didn't not sport the same "morality" that I had about my credit. That included my family. Over the past two years I have been humbled beyond belief and have come to realize that no one is immune to hard times and we can be hit by them in ways we least expect. So before you spout venom at others for their misfortune I would not generalize that everyone who does not pay back what they owe is un-american and some sort of deadbeat that has caused the current economic situation. I would hate for you to be eating humble pie in a few years as I had to.


Sub: #5 Hobosaurus!!!!Fri, 03/18/2011 - 07:55

How long have you worked for ACS? Did I see you on the dateline expose? Were you that fat, ugly woman dinking beer in the alley with the other scumbag debt collectors? I bet you were!:D


Sub: #6 meSat, 03/05/2011 - 08:48

How idiotic are some people this person is making an attempt to pay their debt and if these companies are so desperate to get their money they would take the offer and settle. The fact of the matter is they try to rob you blind why if times are hard do they want to tack on out ragious late fees, interest and any other fee's they can think of. If a person get's into hard times and can't pay their debt it's usually for a good reason not because they're dishonest or unamerican. These companies are just greedy and don't want to settle for the original amount owed they are preying on people that are in hard times and should just be happy to get what is due and nothing more. I can't believe you could call anyone unamerican just because they are having hard times. I'm sure taxes come out of their check just as they do yours. You need to be a little less judgmental when you don't know the whole story.....


Sub: #7 The company was sued in 2008 by the ftc. They have numerous viloThu, 03/03/2011 - 21:48

The company was sued in 2008 by the ftc. They have numerous vilolation's of the debt collection law. Check them out on the BBB website.


Sub: #8 monarch is a terrible company. owner is a jerk. when you get a cSun, 01/02/2011 - 10:15

monarch is a terrible company. owner is a jerk. when you get a call from them hang up.


Sub: #9 monarch recovery collection agencyWed, 12/22/2010 - 11:27

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]Quote "monarch [COLOR=#333333]19421941 last of phone 1318 or 8532. I am looking to settle for 18% and need it in writing. "[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Ma'am, ur file is no longer with Monarch, hence i cannot offer you any help. However you can contact the original creditor to find out which collection agency currently has ur file. I went through the options that were available until the a/c was cancelled in Dec'10, it said the lowest that could have been approved is 35% in parts & not less. Hope you find out & resolve it for your good :-)
[COLOR=#333333]Debt Collectors are not enemies, they just help you with options availbable. Thanks Merry Christmas to all..[/COLOR]


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Sub: #10 they won't send anything i writing period as this is a JDB scum.Thu, 12/02/2010 - 05:56

they won't send anything i writing period as this is a JDB scum.don't hold your breath waiting.

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