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A little over a year ago, I decided to try offline direct marketing and purchased a license from a particular marketer who then referred me to US Merchant Services to get setup with a credit card processing agreement so that I could take orders over the phone and through faxed requests for merchandise.

In the meantime of calling US Merchants, I received a phone call unsolicited from Lease Finance Group out of Chicago. I live in Anaheim. The lady on the phone must have gotten my name from the county registration of a new business name and she asked me if I had a credit card processing machine yet? I asked her if US Merchants had asked her to call me and she said yes, but in fact I later found out that US Merchant's did not recommend her or tell her to call me.

Long story short, I signed a 4 year lease with LFG after the lady rep told me that I could not purchase the machine, only lease it and the monthly fee would be around $67 a month, if done on a bank draft.

After about a year and without ever having used the credit card processing machine, I canceled the bank draft since I couldn't find any way to reach LFG.

Of course, once I stopped payment, they called me and very rudely reminded me of my lease and the past due payments. By this time, I had gone on line and found out that the machine that they had leased to me currently sells for around $149. If I add up 48 months of payments times $67, that comes out to around $3,200.

I had already paid them around $1,100 when they started calling me asking for the late payments. I offered them a settlement and they refused, reminding me that I had signed a lease.

I told them that I have decided not only not to pay them, but to contact the Illinois Attorney General's Office and file a complaint. They said that they didn't care that I was a senior citizen, they didn't care that I had written the AGO of Illinois, and then rudely hung up on me after yelling at me.

I am waiting to hear from the AGO of Illinois and in the meantime, I feel I should go ahead and file a complaint with the FTC, the Post Office (since they use the mail system), the office of Consumer Affairs in both Illinois and California, and then also write a complaint letter to the California Attorney General's office because LFG has a branch office nearby Anaheim.

Has anyone else had any dealings with Lease Finance Group? Am I leaving out anyone else I could contact about their deceptive trade practices?

Hundreds of others have filed complaints about them on the internet. I am a new member here and am very open to hearing from any of you who could offer me any other advice on how to deal with these despicable people, to put it in a nice way.

They work on the principle of intimidation, which doesn't work with me, and they also went way out of their way to write a very detailed and involved lease to be sure to trap and prey on new business and small business owners who they assume do not know much of anything about credit card processing.

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from anybody that can offer any insight on these people in Chicago.



Sub: #1 owner
Fri, 11/23/2012 - 15:47

I am also being scamed by lfg. how to get rid of them I wish I knew. where is the law in this stuff? I would think there is laws aginst scams. they need to be in jail. The FBI should be intrested, I filed complaints with every place I could find. I am sure they are taking millions!


Sub: #2 LFG Fraud
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:38

Daughter and I want to join a class action suite against LFG. -I was a co-signer for daughter. We have had nothing but problems with this company. Started the lease on 8/23/2006 (5Yr lease) and daughter was only in business not even 2 yrs, but couldn't get out of lease, but setting this aside, the following occurred each payment cycle. -The lease payment was paid on time, but I would get a phone call as co-signer that the lease wasn't paid which it was. One time my daughter paid with a money order and again they said the lease payment wasn't paid and because she couldn't find the money order receipt she had to pay twice in one month. After the double payment daughter had to send in the payments certified mail and again I would get a call saying the lease payment was not received even when sent certified. -this goes on and on for months At the end of the lease (June 2011) I wrote out a final check for my daughter for a paper trail stating paid in full final lease payment with lease no. on check. I just found out this week after getting ready for income tax that LFG did an electronic debit using the routing no. from the final pay off check not once but twice out of my checking account using the info without my permission in August 2011 after lease was paid in full June 2011. Besides stealing from my personal account, daughter had a signed witness and documentation on the return of the card machine sent registered mail back to LFG, AND AGAIN they said that they didn't receive the machine. ALWAYS HAVING TO PROVE THAT EVERYTHING HAS BEEN PAID AND DONE!!

Yes, I sympathize with you and others. We need a class action!!

Hang in there girlfriend.


PS: I have contacted the Attorney General, Department of Corporations and my bank, and will file senior financial abuse. I spoke with our family attorney, he said that we could take LFG to small claims beings this is between businesses, but LFG took out money from my personal banking account after the June payoff that was sent by certified mail. My conclusion in this matter is that what happened regarding taking money out of my checking without cause or having my permission and the harassment all the years leads up to disclosure of their Illegal activity and a class action law suite!

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Sub: #3 Consumer Terrorism
Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:36

Our office was finagled by these swindling bastards about 2 years ago. We would be happy to join in a "class action" lawsuit against these unethical, malicious S.O.B's.
We are in Louisville, KY and I have tried to contact them numerous times about some equipment that was never even used. They claim we can buy out for almost $3000 without the equipment or $2500 if we return the equipment. We have contacted the Attorney Generals offices in Kentucky, Illinois and New York(location of their parent company). This has got to be the most classless, unprofessional group of people ever put together by a company. Apparently, they are allowed to say and do whatever they would like when calling your place of business.........we have been told over the past few months...."shut up so I can tell you what you can do..." , "if you would stop moving your F_ _ King lips then I could explain....' - nice way to be spoken to by representatives of LFG. Thank you for those warm words. What frustrates me most is that several official offices and government officials know about this damn disgrace and simply look the other way and allow LFG to continue their "Consumer Terrorism" from one end of this country to the next.

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Sub: #4 Lease Finance Gruop
Fri, 11/11/2011 - 11:49

I like to know if any one know about a class action low suit to Lease Finance Group. I like to partecipate

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Sub: #5 Dear Alex!! I am waiting for your help About lease finance group
Fri, 09/30/2011 - 00:32

Dear Alex!
I do know what I should do now... I couldn't sleep every night, and in the morning be woken up by Finance Leasing Group..they called me every morning.. I didn't know I was in 4 years non cancellation contract with them.. As the first time, the sales man from Global Company called me and offer me really good deal as he told me I could cancel it anytime as long as I paid the termination fee... I signed the paper with $59/ month.. And I got overcharge everymonth.. After 4 months , my business going down, I have to close my business, They push me to pay $2800 for remaining months I owe... It's ridiculous that the machine costs only $400 and I have to pay with that amount even I don't use it... I tried to contact the salesman and his company in CA, but it is useful. No one pick up phone, and I ho search on the Internet, find out a lot people just like me... I tear out everyday... I try to negotiate with them but they don't give me a chance, just want my money, my bank account... Please. Alex can you help me out... Please send me the email via

Email removed per Terms of Service. ~OG


Sub: #6 me too!
Thu, 07/07/2011 - 16:15

Sorry to say we got taken in by LFG's deceptive marketing techniques. They have scrapped our credit and would love to join a class action suit. These guys need to be run out of town!


Sub: #7 I have similar problems. I paid my lease off. As per the terms t
Tue, 04/05/2011 - 14:53

I have similar problems. I paid my lease off. As per the terms told them I didn't want their services anymore via phone and email. Asked them to send address to return fecesy machine they sent me and got not reply. Two months later I get a bill for 2 months of service I told them I no longer needed. The gluteus maximus on the other end of the phone told me the address to send the machine and told me I still owed the two months lease. Then as I told her what exactly I thought about her company in no uncertain terms, the female dog hung up on me.


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Sat, 02/12/2011 - 13:49


Sub: #9 Law Suit
Fri, 02/04/2011 - 11:46

I see that a lot of people for many years have been getting ripped off from this company. I am one of the most recent. I have hired a lawyer. Their contract is shady to say the least. Their business ethics are bottom of the barrel, greedy, shit all over you type. I would love to gather some people for a class acton lawsuit if any one is interested to try. One of my main problems is I am in TX and they have the clause in the contract to pull the suit it IL. We are working to find a way around that. If anyone out there is in TX please contact me.


Sub: #10 Lfg
Wed, 01/19/2011 - 12:29

Please contact me [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]< br />
Ollie Gibbs

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