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Law office of Joe Pezzuto


Sub: Law office of Joe Pezzuto
Fri, 08/03/2013 13:01

I received a letter today from the "law office" of Joe Pezzuto in Arizona. They are collecting on an alleged debt originally owned by Citifinancial and sold to CACH LLC.

I am going to dispute the debt within 30 days by certified mail. I have a couple questions:

Where can I find out if these people are actually attorneys that work at this office?

Also, where can I find out if this "firm" is actually licensed to collect or practice law in Pennsylvania?

I have been reading your forum and is there any other information you can give me about these people?

I am aware of the rights set forth in the FDCA, but I understand these people do not follow the rules, so I'd like to be ready.

I looked up this office and they have complaints all over the place.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Sub: #1 joe pezzutoMon, 03/11/2013 - 12:26

Just an FYI:

Joe's name comes up with no information on the Arizona Bar site, nor does the Law Office of Joe Pezzuto come up as having any kind of license for collection from what I can find.

Here is some info I found on another site:

So here's the lowdown on this Joe Pezzuto guy... HE DOES NOT EXIST!!! After doing some P.I. work, I discovered that "The Law offices of Joe Pezzuto" are actually registered and owned by Bryan K. Levy, an attorney in Arizona whose area of specialty is NOT creditors rights. Go to Manta and check out Joe Pezzuto, and you'll find the number listed is this number...then go to Bryan Levy's profile there, and you will find that the contact number for HIS OFFICE is actually another number that constantly calls under the Joe Pezzuto name. Funny that after a good time looking, I can't find ANYHTING about Joe Pezzuto, not even at the Arizona Bar...not a picture, no education info...nothing other than the standard "The Law Office of Joe Pezzuto" blanket info.

My suspicion is, and this is simply conjecture, that Mr. Levy doesn't want you to know that he is is the owner because: 1) He is not specialized on creditor's law, which can work against him if you do get a specialized attorney to represent you, and 2) he probably doesn't want to smear his firm's impeccable image of "helping others in need". Can he sue you? Sure, but it's very unlikely. Mr. levy has a VERY PROFITABLE practice, and being that he is a corporate lawyer, this $2 to $5 million a year little venture he has only provides additional "pocket change" for him. Recomendation: in the unlikely case he does sue you, go get you a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy. even if you don't go bankrupt, they can help you push these idiots back. I can't imagine why these a-holes would continue to call when most people who default on their bills actually do because they CAN'T PAY. Duh! :-/


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Sub: #2 right you areFri, 03/08/2013 - 14:05

send this bottomfeeder a DV lettter asap.send it certified mail return receipt.btw PA is non-garnishment,and that is favorite threat they like to throw out there.check your AG website for license ino,but this place has no reach past AZ.get the letter out asap.

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