Attorney Daniel N. Gordon In Eugene Oregon BEWARE OF THIS LAW FIRM

I thought I would post this to warn others about this shady atorney and his law firm. If you ever receive a letter from this attorney make sure you quickly check your local court to make sure he has not filed anything against you. This attorney sent me a letter in the mail stating they had a judgement against me and were now going to garnish my wages. Here is the kicker, they never served me to appear in court, so I had no idea I even had a pending court case. They won the case in default because they never served me, so I never appeared.

After I received this so called judgment I called the court to verify it was indeed an actual judgement and not just a scam. The court verifeid that this attorney supposedly won a judgement against me a few months back. According to court record, this attorney claimed I was served in person at my home address by thier servor on a date about a month prior to the court date. Well, let me assure you that I was never served for anything and in fact on that date that I was supposedly served, I was at work from 6 in the morning and did not get home until after 8 pm as verified by my timecard.

Now unfortunately there is not much I can do about this. According to the Oregon court, I can not fight this improper service on my own. I have to have an attorney draw up papers on this. I have contacted several attorneys and the only way to fight this is to pay several thousand dollars of attorney fees, which of course I can not afford. Had I been properly served, of course I would have shown up in court and tried to work out payment arrangements.

So anyone out there that ever receives a letter from this attorney and his firm, be sure you are warned and know what you are dealing with. They will claim to serve you, but never do it so they can win a default judgement against you. Next thing you know they will send you a writ for garnishing your wages in the mail, eventhough you were not served to appear in court. I also researched this attorney online and found several other complaints about them.
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Sub: #1 Daniel Gordon
Mon, 01/14/2013 - 03:38

Oh I just can't stand this firm!  I gave them all the information they wanted and still am in the same boat as everyone else.  I guess they told the court I made a payment, which I never did and now they have won a judgement ( no service).  They are the biggest bunch of crooks, and when I told them that I had been looking them up online and saw that they were not reputable, they hung up on me.


Sub: #2 court
Thu, 01/10/2013 - 09:55

Could the court not show you your signed served papers to make this a legitimate case?  In other words how does a court proceed without signed served papers?  Were they possibly forged signed papers or did you ask about this possibility?


Sub: #3 Beating daniel n. gordon
Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:22

The only way to beat daniel n gordon is to file chapter 7 bankruptcy . You hire paralegal to fill out bankruptcy documents which costs 175.00. Be prepared to do some ground work like spending a weekend filling out forms. Once you file he can not touch you due to bankruptcy stay that is put in place. If he has garnished your wages they will be reimbursed after bankruptcy is completed, whole process takes a couple of months. Good luck! Dont hire a lawyer you can do it yourself


Sub: #4 DanielGordon/rp off
Sun, 11/04/2012 - 01:59

I was sent a package n the mail via registered mail, since I was expecting a package from my daughter,I picked it up, thinking it was a copy of a book she help write. In the package was a summons from Daniel Gordon, pc. I shouldtell you that this was after I gave themall the information to expell the debt.

The original creditor has a pending class action lawsuit. I havegiven themall of the information to make this debt nukk and void. It seems it hasbeen purchased by another company, who contact this schister. Now I am going to be garnished, because I willnot pay. The have the copy of my involvement in it, the lawsuit against the originally creditor, etc, and so on.

I hope they disbar this SOB. I see he has been reprimanded before on his profile.:confused:


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Sub: #5 Quote:"the court is in the business of making sure these claims
Thu, 10/18/2012 - 10:53

"the court is in the business of making sure these claims are correct."

This is completely untrue. It is up to the defendant to make the plaintiff prove the facts.

And I find it highly doubtful that this firm had all its paperwork in order before suing because it has been an established fact that 9 out of 10 times when a company sues and is challenged, they fold. They usually only win by default because someone doesn't show up and even then they do it dishonestly, like serving a known old address, serving neighbors, sewer service, etc.


Sub: #6 "the court is in the business of making sure these claims are co
Wed, 10/17/2012 - 22:57

"the court is in the business of making sure these claims are correct."

Really? You should read up on people who have lost their homes to the banks. See how many of them were improperly served or how many times the banks did not have any paperwork at all proving they in fact had loaned the homeowner money and therefore deserved to take the home in court.

I'm not attacking you, just urging you to expand your horizons beyond the narrow window of yourself. I did NOT have a home taken from me in this manner, but I have both heard and read lliterally countless accounts of banks (or those who 'bought' the debt from the originators of the initial loan) taking property without having the paperwork to prove it was theirs to take.

Trusting a court to protect your interest is no different than trusting a newspaper to tell you who won the last presidential debate. MUCH is open to interpretation.


Sub: #7 Eels have more class
Wed, 10/17/2012 - 22:50

Same dirtbag, different decade.

Scum Gordon has made himself rich off of buying debt for pennies on the dollar and suing (apparently without proper service, according to others on this site and other sites) to recover the full debt.

Best bet? If you owe, let Gordon sue and spend his own $$$, then go banko.

Give him a loss.


Sub: #8 As much as I hate to admit, this is a legitimate debt collection
Wed, 09/26/2012 - 19:01

I've dealt with them. They did serve me. They did settle with me the day of the arbitration and they were very reasonable about it. I consulted with 2 attorneys in town and yes, they know them, and yes, they are legitimate, not scam artists. I have a feeling the original poster of this story is claiming he was never served to try and get out of the debt. But the court is in the business of making sure these claims are correct. If they served you, they only have to drop it in your doorway. If you choose to ignore it and throw it out, yes, they win by default. The fact that the court is supporting their claim means they have proof, you ignored all correspondence, and you didn't pay the debt to begin with. Otherwise they'd never have your name in the first place. Answer your phone and check the mail next time. They stalked me with phone calls, called my parents and sent me quite a few letters. It wasn't a big surprise when they finally served me to get my attention. Now I'm paying off the debt. I'm unemployed with lots of student loans, and back in school now, but they set up a reasonable payment plan with me. You have to pay the pied piper eventually, that's just life. No one cares about your tales of woe and why you can't pay your bills on time. Unless you have a disability or can file bankruptcy, they will just garnish if and when you get a job.


Sub: #9 To "Get an Attorney"
Sun, 06/26/2011 - 23:24

The statute of limitations for credit cards in Oregon is six years, not seven.


Sub: #10 I used to work for Daniel Gordon and it is probably the worst jo
Thu, 05/19/2011 - 09:42

I used to work for Daniel Gordon and it is probably the worst job and environment I was ever in. For all those complaining about Mr. Gordon directly you should note that he himself never sees these suits or judgments except to sign them or when they require him to go to court for some reason. When I was there, there were about ten legal assistants working for him, none of whom had previous legal training or experience. They talked openly about using drugs, and were the most corrupt and foul-mouthed people I have ever been around. We were given lists of people to file suit on or get judgments on and churned out 50 to a 100 lawsuits a day. We didn't know the person's circumstances or why they were in debt. The people there have no respect for debtors. To them, debtors are the scum of the earth, liars and cheaters. In all fairness I have to say that whenever we were challenged to provide proof of the debt, we did provide that proof and never heard another word of protest, that I know of. That only increased the perception that debtors were simply lying when they denied their debts. If it's any comfort though, they treat their employees the same way they treat their debtors. They use them up and spit them out. I lasted 7 months and I was a relatively long-timer.

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