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what happens if you get a summons?


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Sub: what happens if you get a summons?
Wed, 12/01/2011 15:41

I've not gotten anything like this, but I'm just curious, what actually happens if you get a summons form a creditor? Are you being sued? What happens if they sue you?

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Sub: #1 debt settled during the 30dayThu, 01/03/2013 - 16:29

during the summon ( 30 days ) what to do next after you settled the debt with the credit card company lawyer? are they going to dismiss the lawsuit ? is there any form or document stating that there is no more lawsuit after you settled the debt?


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Sub: #2 THey will probably get a deficency balance judgment against you.Wed, 01/12/2011 - 15:41

THey will probably get a deficency balance judgment against you....depending on the state you live in they will be able to garnish you or levy your bank account for up to 20 years.

How to Deal with Illegal Loans..OhioGal's Primer
PDL's are ILLEGAL in the following states...
OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

SOL for all states


Sub: #3 brookeWed, 01/12/2011 - 15:38

:confused:I just recently got a summons for a repo that happened two years ago. i let the thing go back because my business was going under and could not aford the 600 a month payment. Today nothing is changed I dont work I am a full time student with three kids my husband workd but he was on the loan with me ?? I cant pay this what can they do?


Sub: #4 Sterling Jewwlers Inc, dba Kay JewwlersThu, 11/18/2010 - 17:03

Help me please!! Thank you:(


Sub: #5 need helpWed, 06/16/2010 - 19:18

Originally Posted by Shazzers
Most likely you are being sued, usually will say: "Summons Of Complaint". First you try to get an Attorney to represent you, if that isn't possible, you answer the complaint with your best defense!

i need help with a summons from an auto corporation fell back on pynts because i got laid off but made an effort and sent 2000.00 on a 2560.98 balance...i still owed the 560.98 was working on that and now i get this summons what do i do???? plz help

Chrys Henderson
Chrys Henderson

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Sub: #6 Yessi, This is actually a forum to help people get out of debt.Wed, 08/05/2009 - 04:54

This is actually a forum to help people get out of debt. You should consult a local juvenile advocate organization or local legal counsel, because truancy is considered a criminal offense.

Google your local county civil court or call them and ask. There is an official form that will need to be filled out. Firstly, the debt was discharged in BK so they cannot win. Secondly, the debt was not in your name so they cannot win (Ohio is not a Community Property state). Also file a Motion for Discovery. Get an attorney. I would be willing to bet that one would work pro bono because he/she can get paid by the plaintiff for filing this frivolous (and illegal) lawsuit in the first place. And then countersue them for damages.

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Banking issues, like ACH problems - OCC.


Sub: #7 what happens if you get a summons for missing a court do to missTue, 08/04/2009 - 14:55

what happens if you get a summons for missing a court do to missing school? so your parents go to jail?


Sub: #8 A Defendant's Answer to a Plaintiff's ComplaintTue, 07/28/2009 - 12:10

Where can I find a "template" that shows the legal response for the state of Ohio in responding to a Creditor's complaint? I received a complaint from Ford Mortor Company for a car that was owned by my ex-husband and now they want to come after me for $10,000 (he filed bankruptcy). I appreciate your help.:roll:


Sub: #9 civil lawsuit against a form associateWed, 07/01/2009 - 19:41

I recieved a certified letter from a federal civil suit. A former employee claimed harassment by another associate and she is saying that i as a manager and circuit city as a company did her wrong. What do i do the company is bankrupt and i have to paperwork or human resource paperwork.


Sub: #10 Help Please??!! My summons date is tomorrow?!!Sun, 05/31/2009 - 13:31

Plese help,
I received a summons of complaint to appear in court for a loan that I cannot pay. I have been laid off 2xs this year 1 time last year. I don't own anything except a 95 Honda civic. (and I lost the title). I am staying with a friend. I am getting some U.I. for a short time. The debt was originally from CapitolOne, and is not with an "Attorny's office"... here in Denver. QUESTION: SHOULD I GO? QUESTION: WHAT WILL HAPPPEN? I have no money to pay this!


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