consumer portfolio services - do they have any complaints?

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Question:these people have called my job as many as 7 times in one day.Additionally they have called my neighbors. I have ran 20 - 30 days behind for several months. I should be making payments for 2 months and I have made them only for one month thus I am consistently behind.they have also called my neighbors in addition to several other floors in my office building.


Sub: #1 cps calls only 10 days late
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 00:27

These people started calling when I was only 10 days late. now only 20 days late they have harassed my employer, my co workers, my references and people I don't even know. Mr.Lindsey, whom he says he is can fix this and works for cps is a liar. I tell ok, take a payment out of checking and he takes 2. I need my car to get to work, but if this is what I have to deal with for being less than a month behind, the F*** them. take the car


Sub: #2 here is some interesting facts and help
Mon, 12/10/2012 - 23:15

Consumer Portfolio Services is this debt collection agency's name, and auto financing is its game. Since 1991, Consumer Portfolio Services (also known as CPS debt collection) has specialized in financing used car loans for consumers with poor credit or no credit, or who are low income. Moreover, Consumer Portfolio Services buys massive blocks of dealer-financed used car loans, and then collects on them. CPS, which is a publicly held company traded on the NASDAQ exchange as CPSS, operates in 45 states. Consumer Portfolio Services and Consumer Portfolio Services collections have 525 employees. Consumer Portfolio Services purchased $9 billion in loans between 1991 and 2011. In May 2012, Consumer Portfolio Services announced that it had “entered into a $100 million one-year revolving warehouse credit facility with Citibank. That's a lot of automobile loans!

During the first quarter of 2012, Consumer Portfolio Services increased its revenues by 37 percent over the same quarter in 2011. Consumers Portfolio Services’ profit for the first quarter of 2012 was a cool half million dollars. Consumer Portfolio Services’ first quarter report also noted that CPS debt collection acquired a portfolio of $237 million from Fireside Bank in September 2011. Interestingly, as of June 2012, Consumer Portfolio Services had still not posted its 2011 annual report.

Consumer Portfolio Services Complaints

Although there are a staggering number of complaints against Consumer Portfolio Services, the BBB gives Consumers Portfolio Services an A+ rating. Consumer Portfolio Services’ BBB accreditation was granted in November 2011. The BBB indicates that there have been 568 Consumers Portfolio Services complaints closed within the past three years, including 102 Consumers Portfolio Services complaints closed within the past 122 months. When filing a complaint against any debt collection agency, it is important to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable collection harassment attorney who can help you understand your rights.

Yet Consumer Portfolio Services BBB complaints aren’t the only complaints out there. As of June 2012, there have been a half dozen complaints filed in federal court alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Consumer Portfolio Services is also feeling the heat because of its use of predictive dialers in calling and texting consumers. In September 2011, a U.S. District Court judge denied Consumer Portfolio Services’ motion for summary judgment in a case where the debt collection agency argued that predictive dialers don’t fall under Telephone Consumer Protection Act restrictions. In the ruling, the judge noted, “CPS’s interpretation of the FCC’s orders, which it supports by quoting portions of those orders out of context, is a transparent attempt to win through litigation a battle that other companies lost before the FCC…. CPS finally resorts to the argument that the FCC cannot have meant what it said….”

Stop Consumer Portfolio Services Harassment

When a debt collector like Consumer Portfolio Services – or any other debt collection agency – goes after a target market like the financially disadvantaged, there are horrendous stories of people being harassed and intimidated. Dedicated fair credit attorneys can help you understand your rights. You need to know that you can stop Consumer Portfolio Services from harassing you, even if you do owe a debt. The first thing you should do is to talk to them - at least once. Many people try to avoid dealing with debt collectors, but that only gives debt collection agencies – whether Consumers Portfolio Services or any other debt collector – more ammunition with which to attack. They may try to get to you through coworkers, relatives, friends, and anyone else who they can possibly associate with you. However, you have the law on your side, because the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that debt collection agencies like Consumer Portfolio Services is entitled to contact people you know or are related to, but only to get your contact information. They are not allowed to discuss your debt with anyone other than you, your attorney or, in some states, your spouse.

Consumer Portfolio Services Address

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.

PO Box 57071

Irvine, CA 92612

Consumers Portfolio Services Phone Number: 888-469-4520


Sub: #3 dont worry
Tue, 07/19/2011 - 13:41

i have loan thru them also but my car will be paid for in a year. i recently got behind but i got caught up. they r going to call once you get about 45 days behind. i dont worry because i got two cars if they want to come get it come on. if not shut the fuck up and stop calling you let them know who is in charge. i want use them again even thou this the second car i have had thru them. they are a bunch of talk all they can do is get the car. you can get a car from anywhere now of days. they are so not used by most car dealerships anyway because of negative feedback. eventually they will go out of business:D

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Sub: #4 CPS is original creditor and get the feeling I was ripped off
Sun, 07/10/2011 - 17:46

I apologize for long post...
I can relate to anyone who has written about CPS. I got a loan from them unfortunately in 8/2007. I had never fallen behind or was late until 2010 when I was with my now ex-fianc??. However, they have been rude, threatened repossession, hang ups if you try and dispute anything that was being said. Also if I asked to speak to a supervisor, I would be transferred to someone who I thought was a supervisor, only to find out I was given a false name and extension when I hung up with the person. They would also call long before payment was due. There were also times when I would get someone who was polite.

Long story. However,due to a domestic violence situation, I left the residence. The car wasn't running and because I had left so suddenly (he let his ex-wife beat me and she went after my daughter), the car remained there until I could get it towed - I had no idea where I was going to be due to the circumstances. I still paid on the loan and called CPS to tell them I was no longer at that residence.

I guess due to the stress of the situation, I got very ill at the end of October and fell behind. Also, I told CPS what had happened and the car was still at the residence and still trying to find a way to get it towed over 100 miles to where I was now living.

They always had threatened to have the car repossessed even when I was making payments. I also want to add that I had been in touch with them over the months leaving voicemails until I got sick again in February 2011.

I got a call in May 2011 from a Monique stating my car was repossessed and sold at auction. She also informed me that their legal department was prepared to garnish my wages. I asked why I wasn't notified and she told me I didn't have to be. Then she added that a letter was sent to my old address and it was signed for by my ex-fianc??s ex-wife. I guess he moved her in after I left. She knew I was no longer there and hadn't been for some time. She was there when I left because she hit me and tried to beat me up. Apparently even after giving CPS my new address and phone number, they still sent certified letters to the old address. Not sure why my mail forwarding information didn't kick in, but oh well - I got all my other mail from everywhere else.

Anyway, they refuse to send or verify the sale or repossession information. I was denied access to my payment history for awhile - then when I got into it a couple of weeks ago, found incorrect information, payments that were never credited properly, pretty much late fees for every month I had the loan, payment dates that were incorrect and multiple attempts to collect on my bank account for several dates in a row, plus a different auction amount that was told to me by Monique.

She has been harassing me a lot at work, calling me because she wants me to pay the balance. I have no idea what the real balance is if any. The original loan was for $6904.25, I have paid approximately $197 a month since 8/2007 til 11/2010 - plus I was told it was sold for $3,000 at how much could be possibly left? I was wondering if this is why CPS refuses to send me verification?

Here is how it breaks down $6904.25 is the contract amount and amount financed - 37 payments of $197.00 = $7289; $3,000 sell at auction. Total amount on the loan is $10,289.00 - well over the contract amount. Not sure how I owe any additional payments. It states right on my loan that the amount financed and contract amount are $6,904.25 plus I paid $700 down on the car when I purchased it.

Is it true that because they are the original creditor I am just to take them at their word and they do not owe me any documentation?

I cannot find an attorney who will help, they are stating that CPS turns around and counter sues and wins because they are stating they are not acting as a debt collector.

I would love to see some kind of justice done. If anyone wishes to try and band together and get some action, please email me: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


Sub: #5 I have been in the same situation. Paying every month, but alway
Fri, 07/08/2011 - 13:12

I have been in the same situation. Paying every month, but always a month behind. Finally I was cornered around income tax time so I made a payment of almost 700.00 to get caught up. I still owed about 300.00 in late fees (INSANE!) and ever since then I have been not only paying every month, but I have been paying more than owed to pay off the past due. Someone please explain (rhetorical question) to me why, when I went to make my payment today did it say I owe 838.00!!!!


Sub: #6 Cheated by CPS
Mon, 01/03/2011 - 06:29

I brought a care from a dealership in GA in 2007 didnt really want to go that route was okay with a buy here pay here place. Should have followed that path 4 yrs later its the same o hell from CPS and their lying cs aka supervisors. I moved and in the process of packing the van, a lady who lived down the street approved me and asked me "Is your name xxx" i said yes and she then asked is your SS# end in 1234" How did you know that and my birthday... she said someone from CPX (s) called and said you were behind on your car note. I was HOT, I did file a complaint with the BBB, I said who I was and where I lived,, that was some bull. One of the "Attorneys" called me and had the never to ask me what the problem was..Click went my phone. I was at my new place for 1 month and here comes some old man asking me questions he was there on behalf of CPS making sure the care was in good condition. I spoke with a lady from Floridia, and made arrangements to make a quick pay. She was normal. After I lost my job, and couldnt pay them, they started calling my references that i had listed on my application. I have been current with mt payments, but all the late fees and junk fees, add up to more than the care is worth. Which is crazy . They took an extra payment out of my daughters account when we only agreed to one. I called Kevin the liar and he said that he told my daughter he was going to take two payments. Lies... what ended up happening, is the bank rejected that 2nd payment and i called Kevin back to let him know that the bank wasn't falling for your lies and that I want to hear the tape, seeing how you stated that the conversation was being recorded. He hung up on me. At this point in my life and having this care for going on 4yrs the buy here pay here places are the way for me, i would be in a new car by now.


Sub: #7 I have told them to come pick up the car and they still are call
Mon, 11/29/2010 - 10:03

I have told them to come pick up the car and they still are calling wanting payments. I'm almost 3 months behind and due to health reasons had to take disability retirement, which does not amount to much and we all know how long SSD takes to process. Placed their name on my VoDoo doll!!


Sub: #8 Call and speak to Cindy Springstein. She is a Manager for CPS. (
Fri, 11/12/2010 - 10:37

Call and speak to Cindy Springstein.
She is a Manager for CPS.
She seems to be a VERY helpful person


Sub: #9 We have been dealing with a auto finance company for 3 yrs, we e
Mon, 11/01/2010 - 11:55

We have been dealing with a auto finance company for 3 yrs, we ended up voluntary surrendering vehicle due to their constant hounding us, even if one day late they would call every phone we had sometimes 2-3 times daily and even call relatives and friends stating they were "CPS calling" they are consumer portfolio services. We set up arrangements of $50 mth they said it costs US $12 extra for them to process, due each mth on the 15th, they start calling us as early as the 5th of each mth every single day threats if we do not call back and "confirm" payment on the 15th. At this time we are once again forced to change our phone numbers and all family and friends have been instructed to simply hang up on them.. There are countless consumers trying to get help and relief from this loan shark company.

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Sub: #10 i know they have a collection center in california, and one in c
Sun, 09/05/2010 - 09:08

i know they have a collection center in california, and one in chicago. for the first two years my account was with their cali office, i never had any problems. if i was late i would call and set up arrangments, they never hasseld me. they called me at my job 1 time and i told them to call my home or cell and do not call my work. they have never called my job after that. well about a year ago they switched their accounts all around and mine ended up getting transferd to their chicago office. i had nothing but problems with them from that point on. talk about rude and nasty. at one point i gave them a payment and a half and was going to pay the other half in two weeks on my next paycheck. but the lady i spoke with 2 days after i made the payment was demanding that payment and the next payment that wasnt even due yet. i demanded to speak with somone else and the next lady i spoke to wasnt as bad. and actually took my arrangments. i dont know if that lady was having a bad day or is just a nasty person in general. but i garantee with an attitude like that she doesnt even work there anymore. be carefull with theses people. but just like any other sub prime lender they are giving you the loan with the intention of you running behind, wich is why the intrest is so high and the collection tactics are so crazy.

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