We are being sued by Asset Acceptance for a debt we have over paid!

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ok we bought a bow flex 7 years ago it was a total of 1'000$ and the monthly payments was $50 monthly but we over paid them in monthly payment in $200 a month so we could get it paid off faster this vowflex kept charging us late fee after late fee even thou we where paying $200 month now how is that late and now it been 7 years and they just sent us a letter saying they where sueing us for $ 3,077.12 vut the johnson law firm and that they where going to garnish is wages if he didn't pay court date is set for oct sometime they even served us papers that was bought to us by a police. I have papers showing we over paid some where. and I know that we don't owe them anything....


Sub: #1 This company is crazy. After four year they found me living at a
Sun, 05/22/2011 - 05:56

This company is crazy. After four year they found me living at another address. They serve me paper to go to court, I made arrange to paid them,but when I could"t pay I called them to change the date, no one would call me back. They try to take the money any way, so I close my account . Then they come after me with a judgement,which is on my credit report, now they have garnishment my paid for it ,Can you please help me?


Sub: #2 Don't send anything
Fri, 04/22/2011 - 10:10

the best way to deal with the collection company do not pay them! When they call my cell phone I always said " sorry you call the wrong number"


Sub: #3 Asset Acceptance are ran by douche bags
Thu, 04/14/2011 - 14:10

ASSet Acceptance is ran by clowns. These fools, have made the mistake of calling me once asking for some lady with my last name, I politely told them I was not that lady. That was the first day. The second day the called me at 8:45pm ( past the time they are supposed to be calling anyone mind you) And again they were askin me if i knew where this person was and if im sure I'm not that person ( wtf??*lol*) and they even went as far as to read this person's SS# to me. I couldn't believe they did that. But that was not all, the dumb arses started callin me 3 times a day askin for 2 different names and an adresse I never lived at. After a few weeks of this, i got fed up and told them they need to stop it as they should underdtand by then that I was not the person they were after and that I understand they have a job to do, but they needed to leave me alone. The calls have kept up since only now they like to use masked numbers and when i pick up they just breath on the phone *lol* even when they decide to show their number. But I have just reported them to Chris Koster Attorney General of Missouri. So i shall see wot happens with that.


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Sub: #4 You don't need to prove anything. THEY need to prove it to you,
Fri, 04/08/2011 - 16:07

You don't need to prove anything. THEY need to prove it to you, not the other way around. Now, is there any way for you to get a copy of this settlement? You should contact Citi and ask them the status of your account....what balance, do they have any record of the deal made, etc.

What I find curious is that you used their own option to stop the card...you never used it once?

You should write a DV letter to them and you want a copy of the signed agreement/contract, a final statement and something that proves they are the correct entity to collect. Inform them that as far as you are concerned you do not owe citi anything and should they continue collection activity or sue you, you will in fact countersue them for FDCPA,FCRA, and FACTA violations.


Sub: #5 What to do with Asset Acceptance calls
Mon, 04/04/2011 - 17:19

3 years ago I aquired a Citi bank card from Citifinancial. and if I did not use it I could terminate use of so said card. I did not use it and sent in a stop paper saying that I did not want it. A company
who did credit card check continued to charge me bills. With each contact the payment went higher eventually I recieved a letter stating if I would pay half the bill would be considered done. about 3 months ago I got a letter from Assest Acceptance saying I owed 113.00 on an outstanding
debt from Citi bank credit card that they had bought out. They want me to prove that I got that
letter and paid the half amount. I do have the money order but no letter stating that the bill was
complete. I asked them to contact Citi bank for there records and the person called "Dave" said
I need to prove that I paid them off . What should I do now. I really don't feel I owe this
ambulance chaser group anything. Or should I just pay it off and say A lesson well learned
Citi bank and Asseet acceptance are blood suckers.


Sub: #6 your company is very rude
Mon, 03/07/2011 - 14:10

your company is very rude


Sub: #7 they have even went as far as declaring that they will be offset
Sat, 03/05/2011 - 20:31

they have even went as far as declaring that they will be offsetting my tax refund for a utility bill that the sol ran out on 4 years ago. So I would suggest to everyone to research the information out there as to what they can do.


Sub: #8 [COLOR=black]i do have a judgment on my report and i did start p
Mon, 02/28/2011 - 08:34

[COLOR=black]i do have a judgment on my report and i did start paying it for five months, but i thought it was all very strange because i got only one letter from the guy from the court house nothing not even anything in the mail, and the letter had one address on it and he said just mail the check each month to that address, that’s it, no phone number no nothing. i didn’t know if i was sending it to the right place or if they even received it. i had no knowledge of what was going on plus i was paying more than double what i owed, so i had no clue what was going on so i stopped sending checks to the un know address.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]what should i do? i called and some lady in legal was so rude to me I started talk and asked what can I do she interrupted me, said to stop talking and wouldn’t even let me explain myself, and when i asked if i could settle, she asked how much i had, i told her and she said it would be a down payment and to call when i got money, then hung up on me very rudely. i had never been talked to like that ever..what should i do i want to pay it off but there so hard to work with and i want to pay what i owe not double what i owe... [/COLOR]
[COLOR=black] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]please help,[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]thanks [/COLOR]


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Sub: #9 Oh and if you do have a judgment, it should list the interest ra
Thu, 02/24/2011 - 14:33

Oh and if you do have a judgment, it should list the interest rate and how it is compounded, then we can figure out exactly how much it should of been...but no matter what I am fairly sure $3200 is not right.


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Sub: #10 Ok so you went to court over this...did they get a default judgm
Thu, 02/24/2011 - 14:18

Ok so you went to court over this...did they get a default judgment? What happened? So in one year the balance went from $1400 to $3200? How much had you paid that entire year?

I am definitely sure that particular DV letter is not the right letter to send. Need more information on the situation before suggesting what your letter should say.

Check your credit reports and see how the account is reporting. You will definitely want to dispute the amount as it has more than doubled and judgment interest rate is usually 10% so for a whole year the interest should have only been $140. Now if you have been paying monthly, then the amount you owe goes down each month and the interest changes...so if you have been making regular payments for the year then the interest wouldn't even be $140...it would be lower...so there is something VERY wrong here!

Please give us more details about the account.

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