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Loan Mediation Inc.


I just received a phone call from a Dorthy Farmer from this loan mediation inc. saying that I owed Ace Payday and that I would be getting called into court on 12/26 if I didn't pay them the 179.00 I owed and the balance of 475 there after. So I called my local authorities when they told me that it would be turned over to a different county which I live I knew it was a scam. Also looking at the fact that I have never had a payday loan through this company as I have went on the payday loan website and they do not even service my state.

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Sub: #1 Well, if you haven't taken
Thu, 12/19/2013 - 19:11

Well, if you haven't taken out a payday loan, then there's nothing to be afraid of. You don't have to go to the court either. Just ignore the phone calls.

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