800-706-3210 - Has anyone worked with Eagle Recovery Associates?

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Has anyone heard of Eagle Recovery Associates,
of Peoria, IL? Ph 1-800-706-3210

They apparently decided it was time to send a letter, 2 WEEKS after daily phone calls started. As usual, the caller, with foreign accent, left absolutely NO useful information.

Only thing they bothered to do, is wake me up in the middle of the night, with their message(s). Middle of MY night anyway. I work all night, so I sleep all day. Unable to accept phone calls between 8AM and 9PM.

Only time I take call during those hours are if I specifically asked for a return call. And those are extremely rare occasions!!

Planning on getting several DV letters sent, regarding unknown situations with places I have not, and will not do business with.

As always, information is greatly appreciated!


Sub: #1 After a very extensive check on this company, I find that it to
Tue, 11/09/2010 - 07:55

After a very extensive check on this company, I find that it to be in good standing in states to conduct business. Being a collection agency they are required to do certain things not required like other business. You as the consumer need to be aware of protection laws so that as in Sub #9 situation does not happen to you. It might be unethical but not illegal. They are not in the same. Taxes are paid in this company, fillings are correct. Educate yourself, if you think they are doing something wrong keep notes of when they call, how often, what they say, do, etc. That is your evidence. Don't wait till after a few days then write it. Use your call records then take to an attroney. If you have to put in wirting or make sure that it can be proven that you said "Don't call my house anymore," for it to be labled harresment. Have a nice day. Read the Consumer Protection laws, etc.

Nosey Egg


Sub: #2 I think there is something messy with this. I tried to call to s
Sat, 11/06/2010 - 16:27

I think there is something messy with this. I tried to call to see what the problem is nad in calling those numbers after the message was broken up, it said "we are unaviable to talk" basically. So I thought um knowing my background in college, I just started to fish around. I called 411 and gave them the address of this company, company name, so on and so forth and there is no record of a place in Peoria, Illinois 61602. Now I am going to check 2 other things and see if the company is litgitate or not, then I will some more info. See for a company to be on the BBB they have to meet certain reqiurements, if they don't or choose not to then they can't join. On your State's BBB site or wherever the Business is conducting business they have to met them. You as the consumer can check that out, and when companies advertise "I am memeber of the BBB", You know they met these reqiurements and there are Collection companies that are on the BBB site and things. Let me go and see what else I can find out about this company. If my gut is right, I will be contacting the AG and Governor in that state with the State Auditor. Got to go. Nosey Egg.


Sub: #3 Eagle has ex camco employees....sales person is nancy volmer...s
Wed, 09/30/2009 - 15:14

Eagle has ex camco employees....sales person is nancy volmer...she used to be the training manager at camco which the feds shut down...jeff cappello is the owner...another one of george othon's cronies...jeff and his silent partner mikel burroughs run the shop


Tue, 05/26/2009 - 16:56

This company just doesn't have it together at all. Wrong names, calls to unlisted numbers, wrong account numbers with incorrect amounts to collect; they just are all messed up. Especially Ms. Adams


Sub: #5 Eagle
Wed, 03/04/2009 - 08:26

They have been calling and harrassing me and my husband for weeks now. I believe the girl's name is Tiffany and she has the most annoying voice I've ever heard. She called today, talked to my sister on my phone and then when my sister said "no, this is not (name), can I take a message?" she got, (in a REALLY snotty voice) "Well, isn't this her cell phone number?". My sister said "yes, but this is not her, can I take a message?" Tiffany said, "Oh" and then promptly hung up in her ear. This company needs to be dealt with. I don't even think we have any bills that would go to collection so I don't understand why they're calling. One more call and I'm getting a lawyer.


Sun, 02/15/2009 - 07:10



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Sub: #7 Sheesh repo-guest you need to go crawl under a rock and stuff yo
Sun, 02/15/2009 - 03:38

Sheesh repo-guest you need to go crawl under a rock and stuff your 'pay your bills' comment. Didn't you even READ the messages? CAN you read? The first post was about a debt they NEVER HAD...how do you pay a bill that isn't yours, might I ask? Hmm?

Oh..and the other poster...gee....the calls were not even FOR them. Hmm..I guess if you had your way, they should pay for someone else's bills because they answered the phone?

Repo people and collectors may get lied to all day long, but it doesn't give them license to act outside the law and violate people's rights.

More and more people are learning about their rights and are fighting back! I think these unethical CA's (and some unethical repo people) better get used to that. :D


Sub: #8 Eagle Recovery Assoc
Sat, 10/18/2008 - 12:54

I have had the same problem with these people. They are actually calling my husband's cell phone and asking for my oldest daughter's father. WHAT? I guess they do background checks and everyone that knows him is getting harrassed as well. They really do get under your skin though.


Sub: #9 Eagle Recovery & Professional Debt Collection
Thu, 06/19/2008 - 18:36

Eagle Recovery & Professional Debt Collections=caller originator trying to collect on debts owed. Leaves Call# 1800-706-3210, ext 526 (Ming Lee)
Have called several times to my number looking for a Nathanial Wingate (nobody loan him money!!!) that is supposed to live around Knoxville, TN.
I believe they are a bunch of idiots that have tried to call my number for the last 3 years (as it was a US Cellular reissued ph#) and don't have enough sense to make reference that I'm not him! Advise them that the FCC allows to advise them if you are not removed from their calling list & repeat calls persist, it is harassment and they can be fined $500 per call


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Sub: #10 Thanks FYI that was quite an info Take care Nelly
Sun, 10/21/2007 - 23:26

Thanks FYI that was quite an info

Take care


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