Asset management professionals - has any one dealt with this agency?

My mother received a call from Asset Management Professionals (AMP on our caller ID). Their number is 888-355-7515. They told my mom that my dad had bounced a check at a local pet store for over $300 back in January of 2005. Yes, 2005. What's more, the address given for the check was an old one we have not lived at for seven years.

They knew his social security number and where he works. The check is in his name only, but my parents have only one account and they share it. The bank the check is from is not their bank, and has never been their bank.

I cannot find any information about this AMP place. I found one post on here about it, but the replies seemed to suggest that it's a legitmate agency. If anyone has any information about AMP, please respond.

Thank you!


Sub: #1 rule of thumb
Tue, 12/11/2012 - 12:20

A useful principle is you get a debt you pay it - no one will call you unless wrg#


Sub: #2 Not illegal to threaten garnishment.
Sat, 08/04/2012 - 13:52

It is only illegal for a CA to threaten legal action or garnishment if they can not garnish wages or the company / client has no intention of doing so. It should also be noted that third party CAs normaly do not buy paper. They collect for the people who do.
If the can sue you than it is not illegal to say that they will take you to court. If there is a judgement in place and garnishment is a legal possibility than they can threaten garnishment.
Providing personal info to a known third party is pretty bad and a really big fine.
Depending on your state you may be in trouble for recording the conversation without telling the other party on the phone they are being recorded. Not true in all states but in most you have to inform them that you are recording the call.
If its not your debt tell them so. If it is not you debt but under your SSN than demand proof of debt and file a police report for identity theft. They may try to tell you that it is too late to file a report and your responsible. That's BS and I'm sure you understand why. It is good to note that if a family member or friend used your ID to set up an account and you refuse to prosecute than a judge may still hold you liable for the debt.
I was a debt collector for a long time when I needed a job after the economy took a giant dump and learned a lot about the business, the laws and how they are applied.
Demand proof of the debt.
If old debt out of SOL or not yours than send them a registered letter demanding that they cease and desist collection activity.
If the debt is yours and within SOL you can negotiate for a much lower ammount that the original ammount. As low as 20% in some cases.
Do not provide your bank account info. If they are a real company they will always take out the exact ammount you agree upon but the risk of a data entry error or a bad rep could drain your account and it will take months in some cases to get the problem fixed.
Pay with a pre-paid CC like Visa Vanilla. Load the ammount you intend to pay. That way they are not able to hit your card for mor than the secificed ammount.
One last thing. Do not blow a whistle or air horn into the phone. The rep most likely hates his/her job and they are making crap wages and most likely have little or no medical coverage. Plus, I have seen one case where hearing damaged was bad enough that the rep lost some hearing. The rep was able to successfully sue the person rsponsable for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and legal fees. It's really not worth it and will not stop the calls.

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Sub: #3 amp
Wed, 01/18/2012 - 19:07

I'm currently dealing with these retards, They've recently bought a stale debt of mine. They're a third party debt collector who buy bad debts for pennies on the dollar and then bully and scare the people into paying them to make a profit. 99% of the s**t they say isn't true. They said they were going to sue me and yada yada ya... but I looked up the statue of limitations in my state and legally they can't even use the courts as a tool to remedy the situation. Don't let these phone jockies fool you, and whatever you do NEVER give anyone your banking information over the phone, pay by cashiers/money order if need be, I guarantee if they want your money that bad, they'll cash it. And to Mellisa the so called "collections manager" NICE TRY!


Sub: #4 Asset Management Professionals
Thu, 07/14/2011 - 12:13

the information listed about wage garnishment and related is INACCURATE. It is ILLEGAL to threaten wage garnishment and if they do this do like me, file a lawsuit for creditor harrassment. There are a vareity of "offenses" and they can be fined a minimum of $1000 for. I had someone call my brother, my daughter, my work, and my mother and each one they called is a $1000 fine. I have an attorney who works on a "contingency fee" basis and he is taking my case. So far the creditor I am suing has racked up $9000 in fines and I'm just sitting back while they continue to rack up fines.....whomever wrote that comment must be an employee of either Asset Management or one of the other debt collectors. Google the Federal Credit Report Act or the Federal Debt Collection Protection ACt under section 805-807:rolleyes:.


Sub: #5 Asset management professionals
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 05:47

AMP have been calling my house for a couple of years now for some one NOT from our household and not one of the previous owners. In last couple months it's been almost daily and I got tired of listening and deleting those vmails. I called them and explained that they have a wrong number on file and that I'd like not to be harassed by their calls no more. They said No problem we will delete the number from our system... That was to easy to be true... I guess I'll wait and see if I get anymore calls from them...


Sub: #6 I just pulled my yearly credit report and saw this company had r
Sat, 04/09/2011 - 22:50

I just pulled my yearly credit report and saw this company had requested a copy of it in December. I have absolutely NO debt and paid any past debt that I had on time, which is reflected on my CR. I do not understand why they would request a copy of my credit report?!? I get why credit card companies such as Bank of America or Capital One request it, they are always sending me crap promising me the souls of their children if I would just take one of their credit cards at a 29% interest rate. CRAZY!

Anyway, any ideas why this company would be requesting my personal info? Thanks!


Sub: #7 it's not a scam... they are just looking for people... they ask
Fri, 04/01/2011 - 12:52

it's not a scam... they are just looking for people... they ask questions to make sure u are the right person they are looking for.


Sub: #8 you must be a member of Asset Management! :)
Wed, 03/16/2011 - 10:36

you must be a member of Asset Management! :)


Sub: #9 This is definitely a scam ... All those positive messages here
Mon, 01/24/2011 - 22:52

This is definitely a scam ... All those positive messages here only came from criminals as husband has a good credit and yet they're telling us that he has a debt and they're trying to collect info. So they can steal money from my husband. They are so stupid.


Sub: #10 B.S.
Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:45

AMP is a third party collector who bought the bad debt for pennies on the dollar and trying to make a profit of the bad debt. The credit card has already got their monies when it gets to this stage and they write it off. Many of these credit card companies are like pop-up stores they hit, make money, and sell out to another credit card company. Don't bullshot a bullshotter. ;)

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